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Does My Dead Dog Know I Miss Him?

Does My Dead Dog Know I Miss Him?

Having experienced her love and affection for years, saying goodbye to your dog is one of the hardest things to cope with.

Losing her is like losing a relative or worse your own life.

 It feels as though someone ripped your heart into two with a spear.

You no longer have a delightful friend who has been with you through thick and thin.

One of the things that may cross your mind when grieving your deceased dog is if they can tell whether you miss them.

Whenever she is (heaven, Rainbow Bridge, Paradise, or roaming the earth), can she sense how badly you miss them?

 It would be nice to know that despite being dead, your dog knows that their absence makes you sad.

We will talk about this in this post.

Let’s dive right in…

Does My Dog Know I Miss Him?

Well, there’s no telling what dogs see, hear, and feel when they cross over to the other side.

There are several theories as to where dogs go after their death.

These include the afterlife, having new bodies, and the likelihood that they never leave the earthly realm. None of these theories have been proven true. Learn more here: Where Do Dogs Go When They Die?

Then there’s the possibility that dogs disappear into thin air when they pass away. ‘

That means once they take their last breath, they cease to exist. In this case, they are unaware of what you feel since they are no more.

With that said, dog owners who’ve lost dogs before have come out to claim that they’ve had encounters with their dead pets.

There are many stories of this nature making it difficult to refute the fact that dead pets come back to assure those left behind that they are aware of what they are going through.

 Some of the pets come back physically to communicate with their owners in one way or another.

 Others send messages in the form of a soft touch, smell, dreams, and more.

 Pet parents interpret this to mean that their pets know they are being missed.

Their coming back is a way to acknowledge this and assure them that they are okay.

Below, we go over some tell-tale signs that your dog may send to tell you they know you miss them.

1. Dreams

Do you dream of your dead dog a lot lately?

Chances are that she is coming back to visit you.

Deceased people have been known to cross the light and visit those left behind in the form of visitation dreams.

Generally, spiritual entities including angels, guides, and dead people find it easier to communicate with humans when they are asleep.

When asleep, your spirit is at rest and you get the attention of the entities easily.

Your ego and rational mind are basically out of the way.

If your dead dog comes to you in a dream, you are highly likely to embrace them without an argument. The same cannot be said when awake.

Keep in mind that not all dreams about your dead dog are essentially visitation dreams.

Some are the usual dreams you have when you think about a loved one a lot.

You can tell your dog is coming to your dream if it is very vivid.

Also, when you wake up, you tend to recall the dream much longer than other types of dreams.

 The communication will be clear, loving, and with intent.

More importantly, when you wake up, you will be filled with lots of love and peace.

2. Scent

Pet parents associate specific scents with their dead dogs.

 If you’ve owned a dog before, you know this to be true.

For you, this could mean a shampoo you used to bathe the dog with, the smell of the pet’s fur, or that distinct scent she would come back with after playing in the rain.

If you catch a whiff of this after your dog’s passing, it may very mean that the pooch is trying to send you a message.

This could be a few years after the death of the pooch when you are sure that there’s no scent left behind.

 Suddenly when you are spring cleaning your house, a familiar smell fills the air.

Or if it rains outside, you catch the scent as you close the window.

Your doggie might be there to say hello.

3. Familiar Sounds

When alive, your dog used to make all kinds of sounds throughout the day.

Some of the common ones include the jingling of a collar, a faint bark or cry, the opening or closing of the doggy door, and the sound of a tail clapping against furniture.

 After Fido’s death, you may continue hearing some of the sounds even without realizing the dog is dead.

Stay alert and you might pick up on these sounds.

 Apart from familiar smells, deceased dogs may also communicate with the living through sounds.

This is by far the most common sign reported by pet owners after losing their beloved pets.

4. Random Memories

Ever had a memory of your dead dog out of the blue?

You could be thinking about something else or even having a conversation with someone when all of a sudden your brain is filled with memories of your departed pet.

Many people interpret this as a sign that their dead dog is with them in spirit.

If you thought of a happy memory of your pooch, she might be sending you the message that she’s okay wherever she is.

5. Physical Feelings

Another sign that may indicate that your dog knows you miss him is through some kind of unexpected touch.

This may be a subtle nudge against your ankle, the brush of the pet against your foot, or her panting on your skin.

When you look around, there’s absolutely nothing there.

Plus, the touch resembles that of your departed pooch and not just any other dog.

 Take it as a way of the dog offering comfort or simply checking on you.

6. Blurs

Last but not least, sudden unexplained movements of your long gone could indicate they know you miss them.

 Sometimes you may catch a blur of your doggie at the corner of your eye.

When you place food on the counter, something or someone knocks it off and onto the floor.

 Some people see cloud shapes that remind them that their dogs are watching over them.

If it happens often, it could be a sign from your pet.


Does your dog know you miss him?

The answer depends on what you have been seeing or experiencing after their death.

In case you have received any of the aforementioned signs, chances are the dog sure knows this.

 However, even without any of these signs, realize that your dead pooch knows you miss them.

They love you no matter what and are grateful for the time they had with you on earth.

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