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I Want To See My Dead Dog Again: What Can I Do?

I Want To See My Dead Dog Again: What Can I Do?

Losing a pet is a life-sucking, heart-breaking, soul-crushing time for pet owners.

Dogs especially form strong bonds with their human parents.

They grow to depend on their loyalty, undying affection, emotional support, and friendship.

Having their dogs welcome jump all over them when they get home in the evening makes life a little happier.

 The constant nudges against the feet or hand, licks and snuggles when watching a movie, and tail wag when they are around add lots of joy to their lives.

Sadly, dogs seldom live beyond their 15th birthday.

The lucky ones might surpass this target but a majority don’t even make it this far.

 That means that no matter the breed of your furball, you are likely going to have to deal with her death at one point.

 In all honesty, you will live through the passing of several pets in your lifetime particularly if you are not very advanced in age.

Getting over the death of your pooch can prove to be one of the hardest things you’d ever have to do.

Questions about what happens to the pet’s soul will run through your mind a lot.

When grief goes a notch higher, you will wonder if there’s a way you will see the dog one more time after her death.

This post explores this possibility at length.

1. Visit A Medium

Mediums are individuals who can communicate with the dead.

According to these gifted souls, death isn’t really a thing.

When a person or animal dies, they have simply transited from this world to another.

Mediums are gifted with the ability to talk to souls from the other side.

They can sit with you and consequently sense, hear, and feel your loved ones who are no longer with you. This includes both humans and animals.

Before they communicate the information coming from the other side, the medium will describe your dog, the age of passing, what killed her, and other pieces of information to assure you that you are connecting with the right pet.

Mediums work in different ways. Some undergo a kind of possession taking on the form of spirits that need a human form to make contact with the living.

The second category shares the experiences of souls on the other side.

Lastly, mediums can also interact with spirits as they do the living.

As you head over to see a medium, expect anything.

You may not necessarily see your dead dog but will hear its voice and sense what they are feeling on the other side.

The specifics of the visit will vary depending on the medium but hope for some connection with your dead dog.

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2. Get Saved

When your dog dies, its spirit transitions to heaven.

Well, this is according to most pet owners—Christians and non-Christians alike.

Muslims believe in an afterlife called Paradise but it is more or less the same thing.

Heaven is a place of eternal rest and is where people (and animals) go when their time on earth expires.

Heaven or Paradise is a good place with golden streets, no sickness, pure joy, and perfect peace.

Dogs, with all their good traits, go here after they die.

If you want to see your dead pooch, you should strive to make it to Heaven.

There’s a catch though—you must be a good person and get saved.

Getting saved means accepting God’s help and Jesus Christ as your savior.

If you fail to do both, you will end up in Eternal damnation or Hell.

If you believe in Heaven or Paradise, you need to do all you can to reach Heaven.

 Else you will never see your pet when you die.

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3. Wait For Your Death

A good majority of pet parents also believe in the Rainbow Bridge – a place where pets go when they die as they wait for their human owners.

The holding place is beautiful and abounds with all things that dogs love—good food, plenty of water, lots of running fields, and many friends to play with.

When your time of death comes, you can join your pet before crossing over to heaven together.

Those that believe in this theory can do nothing except wait to die and visit the Rainbow Bridge.

So far, there are no qualifications for being allowed into this temporary resting place for your doggie.

Your death will usher you there.

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4. Keep Your Dog’s Memories Alive

The internet is filled with stories of pet parents who’ve had encounters with their dead pets.

This article posted on the Daily Mail website records a few of those.

Most of the reports reveal real sightings of their dead pets.

Take the example of the owners of a Bedlington terrier named Bluey.

 Four days after her demise, one of the owners heard flapping ears and a noise made by Bluey’s name tag collar just like the dog used to make when she would get up at night.

Another partner would then feel Bluey’s nudge on their feet the same way their dead dog did when she was alive.

Another time, Bluey walked past the bedroom door briefly and was seen by one of the parents.

Other pet owners would hear their dogs bark, push the door, and just make their spirits known in one way or another.

All this is to say that it may be possible to still see your dead pooch here on earth.

Scientists claim that this theory is mostly an issue of psychology and that most people see false recognition.

 When your mind thinks about a loved one intensely, the subconscious may see, feel, and hear things that may point to the dead soul returning to earth.

Whether you believe science or the fact that dogs’ spirits remain with us, it is certainly worth seeing your dead pet again.

What to do? Keep their memory alive by thinking about them often, watching their videos and seeing their images, and talking about them.

They might surprise you by showing up when you least expect them to.

5. Move On

This is a hard thing to say to a grieving pet parent but it may not be possible to ever see your dog after they die.

All the theories of where dogs go after death aren’t confirmed.

Everyone technically believes what they want to.

There’s a high chance that when your Fido dies, they simply vanish from the earth never to be seen again.

In that case, it would be prudent to find ways to move on after they sleep.

It is a truly heartbreaking thing to say but it may save you in the long run if nothing else works.

Be grateful for the time you had with the dog and find ways to cope with the grief without wanting to see her again.


There it is – different ideas of what you can do to see your dead dog again.

What you do depends on what you believe as far as the destination of your dog’s spirit after death is concerned.

As you ponder the way forward, keep in mind what is best for your dog.

Don’t disturb their sleep just because you want to feel close to them one more time.

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