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What Does “Tell Your Dog I said Hi” Mean?

What Does “Tell Your Dog I said Hi” Mean?

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The phrase “tell your dog I said hi” is nothing new, especially among dog owners.

It is used in everyday conversations as a greeting or simply as an icebreaker between two dog-loving strangers.

Moreover, this phrase has become a common fixture in various merchandise, such as T-shirts, caps, and car decals.

You are likely to come across this phrase during one of your many walks around town.

But, what exactly does it mean?

Read on to get a better understanding of the connotation behind this phrase.

“Tell Your Dog I Said Hi” Origin

The origin of this phrase is a mystery.

To date, there is no clear data highlighting how it came into existence.

However, dog experts and lovers have put forth two theories that attempt to explain how this phrase became popularized in contemporary society.

The first theory is that the saying “tell your dog I said hi” was initiated and popularized by pet owners across the globe as they sought to find a friendly way of acknowledging each other.

 In particular, the phrase gained popularity as it was used increasingly by dog owners who met each other frequently while out walking their canine companions.

The second theory is that this phrase became a household utterance after multiple celebrities used it to pass their regards to their fans’ dogs.

World-renowned pop stars, such as Rihanna and Justin Beiber, have in the past been spotted uttering this phrase in public as they interacted with their dog-owning fans.

It is assumed that the phrase gained traction once fans heard their icons using it and they also adopted the phrase in their own social circles. 

Although there is no concrete data affirming any of these claims, the fact still remains that “tell your dog I said hi” is a staple among modern-day dog lovers.

“Tell Your Dog I Said Hi” Meaning

Today, all the merchandise that bears this phrase are manufactured and distributed by WeRateDogs, a dog community dedicated to celebrating these furry pets.

This organization was established in 2015 by Matt, the community’s leader and self-proclaimed “dog father”.

On April 5th, 2020, Matt posted a tweet stating that one of the cutest things he has ever taken part in was joining other people to write “tell your dog I said hi” on sidewalks.

One year earlier, on 14th November 2019, WeRateDogs had filed a copyright claim for this phrase, which was then issued in April 2020.

It is after these events that merchandise with this phrase started flooding the streets.

As such, it is safe to state that Matt’s WeRateDogs not only owns the copyright for this phrase but is also the brains behind its heightened popularity in recent times.

Therefore, to better understand the meaning behind it, it is important to understand the values and objectives of WeRateDogs.

A statement written by Matt on WeRateDogs official website states that the community’s mission is to “celebrate all dogs by sharing their unique stories, helping those that need help the most, and improving their lives”.

So, by including this phrase in the community’s merchandise, Matt and the company are hoping to spread a message of love and endearment for these perfect angels.

The goal is to ensure that people appreciate dogs for their simplicity and do everything within their ability to ensure dogs live the healthiest and longest life possible.

With that in mind, this phrase is a means for dog lovers to express their appreciation for these canine pets.

Wearing/using merchandise bearing this phrase or uttering it to a dog owner is a simple way of showing that you care for the individual’s dog.

Even in its most literal sense, the phrase communicates greetings to the dog.

However, the phrase can be interpreted in multiple ways.

For instance, it can be seen as a way for the speaker/utterer to build a friendly rapport with the dog owner by connecting through their shared positive feelings for dogs.

It can also be interpreted as a reminder for the dog owner to always show love and care for their dog.

Lastly, this phrase can also signify the establishment of a cordial connection between dog owners who find companionship more from their dogs than from other human beings.

 Therefore, rather than feeling isolated, such individuals use this phrase to build some form of unity amongst themselves based on their loyalty and love for their canine companions.

Parting Thoughts

If you love dogs, then you should definitely consider adding this phrase to your everyday vocabulary.

It is a straightforward way of expressing your adoration and appreciation for these pets.

Moreover, it is a cute way of making like-minded friends.

In the words of Matt from WeRateDogs, “dogs are perfect angels who represent an innate simplicity that even we human beings are jealous of”. They deserve to be celebrated.

Thank you for reading this piece, and tell your dog I said hi!

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