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All About SO Dog Food

All About SO Dog Food

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Your dog’s urinary tract health is paramount to his well-being.

Many dogs suffer from all kinds of issues in this part of their bodies.

Most of them have bladder stones – a painful condition caused by the excess buildup of minerals.

Not only is it uncomfortable for your dog but if left untreated, it can graduate into something fatal.

Lucky for you, there are different methods of treating urinary tract problems in dogs.

One of the subtle yet effective strategies is using specialized diets that target the dog’s urinary health.

These have been carefully crafted to dissolve crystal and stone formations in your doggie’s urinary tract hence giving him relief from bladder stones.

They also deliver holistic bladder health and prevent the recurrence of issues around it.

Royal Canin Urinary SO dog food is one such diet made for dogs with problems in their urinary tracts.

It is one of the best-selling pet diets in the canine bladder health category.

 If you are considering using it for your dog, we have detailed what the diet is all about.

What Is SO Dog Food?

SO dog food is a urinary canine pet food produced by Royal Canin for dogs with urinary problems.

It is specifically designed by vets to support a dog’s urinary tract and bladder health, particularly the kind with stone and crystal formation.

The food utilizes ingredients that control the excessive buildup of minerals in the bladder and urinary tract.

It does this by creating an unfavorable environment for these minerals thereby preventing the formation of struvite and calcium oxalate stones.

With a complete nutrient profile, SO dog food is designed to meet all the nutritional requirements of a dog suffering from bladder problems.

It utilizes ingredients such as brewer’s rice to ensure that your dog gets all the vitamins he needs for a healthy bladder.

Processed corn is also used for its amino acids. Of course, the most common ingredients include meats including chicken, cartilage, and feathers (to act as fillers).

These introduce the much-needed protein that dogs require to thrive.

 The food is basically made specifically for a dog with serious urinary issues.

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How Does So Dog Food Work?

To aid in better urinary health for your pup, Royal Cabin SO dog food works in three different ways.

Let’s go over each one below:

I. Increases urine output

A dog with excessive minerals in his urine needs to drink up more and consequently pee often.

These actions help dispel the minerals hence lowering the buildup of minerals.

SO dog food is made to increase your doggie’s thirst and increase his urine output frequency.

II. Overcome excess magnesium

One of the notorious minerals that lead to bladder stones in dogs is magnesium.

When it is in excess, it will certainly trigger the formation of stones.

The SO diet is formulated with low magnesium levels to discourage crystal and stone formation.

III. May dissolve bladder stones

SO dog food has been created to dissolve calcium oxalate and struvite crystals in a dog’s bladder.

IV. Prevent crystal formation

The S/O index is made to fashion a harsh environment for stone and crystal formation. This prevents the formation of stones in the future.

V. Lowers ion concentration in the urine

 The diet uses the theory of Low Relative Super Saturation (RSS) to lower the concentration of ions in the urine thus preventing the recurrence of bladder stones.

How Long Does SO Dog Food Take To Work?

Before using SO dog food, it is a good idea to seek the opinion of your vet first.

They are in a better position to gauge how much your doggie needs and how long to use the diet.

However, Royal Canin claims that the food takes anywhere from 5 and 12 weeks to dissolve struvite stones and about 6 months or less to reduce the recurrence of the same.

Does Urinary SO Food Make Dogs Pee More?

Yes. As mentioned before, one of the approaches the SO dog food uses to combat crystal formation is increasing the frequency of urine output in your pet.

The diet makes a dog thirstier than usual.

When he drinks more water, he is bound to pee more often than not.

This means that the buildup of minerals in a dog’s urine goes down, thus preventing the formation of crystals and stones in the long run.

Potential Side Effects

Urinary SO dog food is specifically formulated to combat specific urinary tract health issues and offer the necessary nutrition to support your dog’s bladder health.

As a result, the diet doesn’t have any side effects that supplements and medicines have.

The only thing that the diet does is increase the urine output in your pet.

 If your dog gets the urge way too often, don’t be alarmed. It is for his good that he expels the minerals in his tract.

If you notice the frequency is too high, consult with your vet.

The same goes for any allergic reaction like hives or swelling.

It doesn’t happen often but if it does, do not ignore it.

Have There Been SO dog Food Recalls?

Royal Canin as a company has been recalled severally over the years regarding some of their pet foods.

In February 2006, the DFA announced the recall of the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine SO dog food, Codes 511A/B and 521 A/B (13.6 oz. cans), and the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet SO dog food, Code 525A (13.6 oz. cans).

The cause for the recalls was claimed to be too much vitamin D3.

According to Royal Canin, a vitamin premix received from a specific supplier was to blame for the contamination.

A few dogs and cats got sick from eating the food but there were no deaths or permanent damages.

SO Dog Food Alternatives

If for some reason you cannot feed your dog the SO diet by Royal Canine, you can try other alternatives including the following:

A. Homemade Dog Food

Any diet with moderate levels of phosphorous, protein, and calcium can help dissolve and prevent bladder stones.

You can work with your vet to make home-cooked diets with the right proportions of these nutrients.

This way, you can rest easy knowing that you have control of what your doggie eats unlike commercial foods filled with toxic ingredients.


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B. Focus On Water Intake

 Good urinary health begins with good hydration.

You can control bladder stones in your dog if you keep him well-hydrated at all times to reduce the concentration of ions in his urine.

Try feeding him high-moisture foods, increase the number of water bowls, and consider using water fountains if your pooch is into them.

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C. Try canine urinary care diets from other brands

 If all else fails, you can resort to other similar diets produced by other brands.

 These are in abundance in the market.

Check online reviews and purchase what is best suited to your doggie.

As usual, work closely with your vet to avoid costly mistakes.


Finding the right food for your dog can be a difficult undertaking.

It is even trickier if your pooch has specific needs.

If your dog has urinary tract health problems, the Royal Canin SO dog food can be a lifesaver.

 The veterinary-formulated diet has every nutrient to satisfy your doggie’s health needs.

Run it by your vet before use and hope for the best!