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30 Dog Breeds With Pictures and Prices

30 Dog Breeds With Pictures and Prices

Dogs don’t come cheap these days. There was a time when owning a pooch meant picking one puppy from your neighbor or a stray but those days are long done.

Now, if you want a healthy puppy that has been raised well, you have to splash a pretty coin to get it.

It gets worse if you are looking for pedigree pups, those that have been spayed/neutered, and dogs that have been trained.

To give you a feel of how much you will spend on your pup, here’s a rundown of 30 dog breeds with pictures and prices.

1. Labrador Retriever

Price: 1,000 – $3000

The Labrador retriever is the most popular dog in the United States. Because of this, demand is always higher than supply pushing the price up the roof.

2. German wirehaired pointer

Price: $800 – $1500

GSPs are gorgeous, loyal, and devoted hunters. These characteristics make them sought after hence expensive. The price goes up if the doggie has been trained, is pedigree, has been fixed, etc.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Price: $1800-$3500

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are royalty dogs and breeders put plenty of dollars and time into caring for them. Ultimately, this pushes the price up the roof.

4. Border Collie

Price: $800-$1,500.

Top-rated Border collie breeders can go as high as $4500 depending on their location, pedigree, health information of the pup, and more.

5. Samoyed

Price: $1500-$2,500

With their cute thick coats and great personalities, the Samoyeds aren’t the cheapest dogs in the market.

Expect to pay up to $300 if you want a purebred dog with papers and that has undergone all medical tests.

6. Beagle

Price: $800-$1,500

Beagles score high in terms of popularity meaning dog owners are always looking for them. High demand in contrast to low supply means the price will always go up.

7. Dalmatian

Price: $1,000 – 1,600

As good affectionate and loyal pet companions, these spotted dogs are quite pricy.

They may not be famous but they certainly have a niche demand.

Not many a breeder sells Dalmatians. Those that do ask a handsome cost in exchange for a single puppy.

8. Lowchen

Price: $3,000 – $8,000

Purebred Lowchen puppies are some of the most expensive dogs ever. The breed was once popular before almost going extinct by the end of the 1800s.

Today, it is very difficult to find—a fact that has an impact on its cost.

9. French Bulldog

Price: $1500-$3000

Frenchies are cute, laid-back, low-maintenance, and truly affectionate pets.

Even without previous dog experience, you can comfortably own this dog and have an easy time doing it.

Breeders understand the popularity of the breed and demand a lofty cost for one puppy.

10. Akita

Price: $1,800-$3,500

This massive powerful dog is a fierce protector. He may be affectionate towards those he loves but strangers will never go past him.

This, plus his beauty and less disposition to a number of health issues, make him a little pricy.

11. Bichon Frise

Price: $650-3,500

This breed is not the most expensive dog but it is not cheap either.

If you are lucky, you will get one for less than $1000 but the price can also go as high as $3,500. This is especially true if you shop for a pedigree dog from a top breeder.

12. Tibetan mastiff

Price: $1500-5000

Tibetan mastiffs are very rare so their price is typically high compared to many available dog breeds.

They need a lot in the way of food and maintenance no wonder the sky-high prices of puppies.

13. Golden Retriever

Price: $2,100-$3,000

Golden retrievers rank number three on the list of popular USA dog breeds. The demand is always soaring.

Additionally, reputable breeders spend lots of cash caring for their litter and making sure they are healthy and strong before selling them.

14. Pharaoh Hound

Price: $2,000 – $5,000

The Pharaoh Hound is an old dog breed with origins in Egypt. It is now bred only in Malta making it scarce. Because of this, it fetches a lofty price at the market.

15. American Pit Bull terrier

Price: $500-$1500

Pitbulls have the worst reputation in the canine world. They are thought of as aggressive dogs that are hard to tame.

As a result, many people shy away from them. However, some people swear by them.

16. Rottweiler

Price: $1500-$2500.

Ethical breeders sell Rottweiler puppies for anywhere between $1500 and $2500. The reason is that they invest a lot of money in breeding the puppy – feeding it, getting all the vaccines in, and making him comfortable.

17. Dachshund

Price: $800-$1,500

Also called ‘sausage dogs”, Dachshunds are affectionate little pets with low-maintenance costs.

The only expensive thing is treating them for their back problems among other health problems.

18. English Setter

Price: $1000 and $1500

Not only are English setters pleasant to look at but they are also laid back and get along with kids. Their calm temperament makes them good therapy dogs as well. For this reason, they don’t come cheap.

19. Great Dane


Dependable and friendly, these large dogs are some of the most amazing pets to own.

They are gentle, love human company, and are easy to care for. All these affect their price in one way or another.

20. Irish Wolfhound

Price: $1,000-$3,000

An average Irish wolfhound from a reputable breeder falls in this price range.

However, if you want superior pedigree and breed lines, be prepared to cough as much as 6,000 for one puppy.

21. Pug

Price: $800-$1500

Pugs are somewhat expensive to raise no wonder they are pricy.

 If you are looking for quality puppies with papers from reputable breeders, don’t be shocked if they ask you for upwards of $2000.

22. Papillon

Price: $1000-$2000

Papillons are smart, cute, tiny, and incredibly popular. All these characteristics drive the market up. Show quality papillons and those with breeding rights are even more expensive.

23. Miniature poodle


Poodles are very expensive when it comes to breeding. Breeders pump a lot of money in raising their litters, a cost that is later transferred to the buyer. Grooming them is also quite the price.

24. English Bulldog

Price: $1500-$4,000

The English bulldog is another incredibly popular pet in the United States.

It is revered for being laid-back, easy-going, affectionate, and low-maintenance.

25. Yorkshire terrier

Price: $1500-$3000

Yorkies are beloved dogs among toy breeds. This means their demand is always high.

Add this to the fact that the breed is purebred and you know why it is expensive.

26. Boxer

Price: $1,000-$2,000

Depending on the breeder, location, the pup’s bloodline, and the presence of the medical history of the parents (or lack thereof), expect to part with $1000 and $2000 for a single boxer puppy.

27. Siberian Husky

Price: $600-$1300

Husky Mixes That Don't Shed

Siberian huskies are amazing working dogs but they are hard to own so they are not as popular (no wonder they are kind of affordable).

28. American Foxhound

Price: $500-$700

Foxhounds are not as popular as other dog breeds in the world. They are also readily available making them much more affordable.

29. Doberman Pinscher

Price: $1500-$2500

Despite their reputation as aggressive dogs, Dobermans are some of the most amazing family dogs and thus cost thousands of bucks.

30. Harrier

Price: $1500-$2500

Harriers are rare in the United States. Unfortunately, top breeders take advantage of this to charge exorbitant prices for their pups.

Dog Breeds With Pictures and Prices: Closing Thoughts

A dog gives you undying loyalty, undivided attention, plenty of love, no judgment at all, and lots of fun.

 A few hundred or thousand dollars is a small price to pay compared to what you receive in return.

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