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12 Most Sensitive Dog Breeds

12 Most Sensitive Dog Breeds

Dogs are emotional creatures. Like us, they get angry, sad, happy, depressed, and bored.

It is their sensitivity and emotional nature that make them great friends to have at home.

They can tell when you are not okay and will try to cheer you up.

A sensitive dog can also be a delicate pup that can be easily pushed over the edge through your words and actions.

Knowing whether your dog is sensitive or not will help you become a better parent to him.

As a guide, here is a quick overview of the top 12 most sensitive dog breeds.

1. Labrador Retriever

When it comes to affection and love, the crown always goes to the lab.

This breed has been a companion of man for centuries. He just can’t help but love his owners deeply and unconditionally.

He is friendly, high-spirited, and outgoing. While he has plenty of affection to offer, he also expects you to reciprocate it.

When training him, you have to be gentle and understanding.

If you are too hard on him, his feelings will be hurt which might cause him to withdraw.

2. Golden Retriever

This second member of the retriever family is also another favorite breed in American homes.

His desire to please his owners is intense. Trust him to love you with every being of his.

With a high activity tolerance, good social interaction, and an even temperament, a golden retriever is a good friend to have at home.

He’s very sensitive and has long been used for his therapeutic benefits.

They know how to interpret emotions and can lift your spirit when you are down.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you are looking for a lapdog with a huge desire for human interaction, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good match for you.

Like the golden retriever, he is an expert at interpreting human emotions.

He will likely not leave your side when you are having a bad day. The only problem is that he tends to be very delicate.

He doesn’t enjoy being a victim of your anger and disappointment.

When he gets into trouble, try positive reinforcement rather than going hardcore on the punishment.

4. Doberman Pinscher

Also referred to as “the dog with the human mind”, the Doberman pinscher is an emotional dog.

He may be aggressive toward other pets but he is loyal and well-mannered toward their human companions.

A Doberman can sense what you are going through and act in accordance with it.

For example, if you don’t like a particular person, don’t be surprised if your dog feels the same about them too.

5. Border Collie

A border collie is a smart, alert, and strong-willed dog. He’s also one of the most sensitive dog breeds out there.

Yelling or hitting him never ends well for both of you.

This dog just loves to please you. When he senses that he is not doing his job right, he will become a mess.

You will see the disappointment in every part of his body. As usual, positive reinforcement is a better strategy for instilling good habits.

The sensitivity of a border collie also helps him stay in tune with his owner’s emotions.

When you are happy, angry, or sad, he is likely to know it.

6. American Bull Terrier

Thanks to their bad reputation, most people have a hard time believing that Pitbulls are kind and emotional dogs.

However, this breed has proven over and over again that he’s gentle, affectionate, and delightful.

You can only know this if you’ve ever owned this breed before.

When your emotions are all over the place, your pittie is likely to pick up the energy as well.

His understanding of human emotions will always blow your mind.

7. Rottweiler

Just like the Pit, the Rottweiler has a negative vibe to his name.

Bred as a guard dog, this breed is thought of as an aggressive, out-of-control dog.

Granted, a rotty is strong-willed, powerful, and stubborn but he is also very sweet, affectionate, and kind.

When you have kids at home, he will make friends with them.

Unfortunately, he’s also very sensitive. If you are harsh to him in the way you speak or behave around him, he will resolve to bark at you incessantly or become overly aggressive.

8. Australian Shepherd

As the name suggests, Australian shepherds were bred to watch over livestock.

Over time, their protection instincts deepened. They love hard and protect fiercely.

Spending copious amounts of time with you is a need rather than a want for them.

When they don’t get your attention, they can easily feel downcast and unhappy.

If you want a happy, joyful, and bubbly dog for an Australian shepherd, be sure to give as much as yourself to him.

9. French Mastiff

The French mastiff also goes by the names Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeauxdog, or Bordeaux Mastiff.

His demeanor may be scary and intimidating but his heart is warm and inviting.

When he looks into your eyes, you can tell that he loves you passionately.

He can easily read your emotions and sense your mood. Often, he will pick up after it subconsciously and become just like you.

He does this by looking at your body and facial expressions.

This breed can also get jealous if its owner gives too much of his attention to another.

10. Corgi

Corgis may be short but they are awesome guide dogs.

They were also developed as herders meaning they have strong protective instincts.

Corgis are always aware of what happens around them making them excellent dogs for emotional support.

They can easily tell when you are sad and when you are happy.

If you are looking for a canine friend that is sensitive, smart, trainable, and curious, your search stops at the corgi.

11. Pug

According to the Canadian Kennel Club, pugs have a “human-like” expression.

They look and act like humans in a number of ways. For one, they are extremely sensitive.

Hurting their feelings is very easy. If you yell at them, they can be demotivated to spend time bonding with you.

You need to watch your tone and behavior around a pug lest you push them over the edge.

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12. Great Dane

The Great Dane is a head-turner mostly because of his tall, muscular, and chiseled physique.

He’s also one of the most gentle and charming breeds out there.

Whether you have cats, other dogs, elderly people, or kids, a Great Dane will get along with them all.

He loves human company so much that he can be unstable, aggressive, and depressed without it.

He is also an emotional dog who doesn’t do well with hard punishment and training.

Final Thoughts

Sensitive dog breeds are beneficial in more ways than one.

They offer emotional support sometimes much more than humans could.

On the contrary, they can also be delicate and need more attention and leniency in the way of punishment.

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