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Puppy Teething Gels: Do They Work?

Puppy Teething Gels: Do They Work?

The puppy stage is a rather challenging time during pet ownership. As your tiny dog’s teeth are falling out, they may make his gums sore and irritated. As a result, you will notice him nibbling at your fingers and toes or other items at home. Heavy drooling is also a common symptom of teething. Watching your adorable puppy go through the discomfort can be unsettling for any pet parent. There are a few claims that using a puppy teething gel can bring relief of sorts. But how true is this? We investigate…

Do Puppy Teething Gels Work?

Yes! Teething gels contain essential oils and other ingredients that combine to soothe a dog’s irritated and sore gums. A good puppy teething gel utilizes natural ingredients such as clove oils, chamomile, and peppermint to reduce inflammation on the gums. These herbal remedies have been used for centuries for a number of different conditions. Chamomile promotes relaxation, soothes inflamed gums, and induces sleep. Your teething puppy badly needs all the three to get through the day. A puppy teething gel is also cold which further helps to reduce inflammation and offer some relief to soreness.

Is Teething Gel Safe For Dogs?

It depends on the product in question. A teething gel is only safe for your dog if it contains natural ingredients only. Like all other products ingested by dogs, the gel should not have artificial coloring. This can cause a host of problems for your dog including hyperactivity, insomnia, allergies, ADHD, skin issues, kidney tumors among many other complications. If the gel also contains an artificial sweetener such as Xylitol, Sucralose, and Saccharin, it is certainly unsafe for your dog. Xylitol is especially the worst of them all. At best, xylitol toxicity will cause hypoglycemia, liver failure, and seizures. At worst, your dog may be picked up dead.

So, if a gel utilizes natural ingredients only, it should be absolutely safe for your dog. Else, if it has artificial ingredients, you might want to leave it alone as it might wreak havoc for your puppy.

In addition to the artificial ingredients, a teething gel should have no anesthetic compounds. Some teething gels contain compounds that numb the gums in a bid to give your dog relief. While these are effective for the most part, they are not safe for your dog at all. You want a product that relaxes the gums naturally without having a host of side effects.

The Mark & Chappell Teething Gel for Puppies is made using a combination of peppermint, chamomile, and clove oils. Together, the three ingredients will deliver their magic and give your puppy the relief he needs. The gel doesn’t have added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or colors that are harmful to your dog. Plus, it has a delicious taste that your dog will absolutely love. Another excellent puppy teething gel that we reccomend is the PetzLife Peppermint Dog Oral Care Gel. It is formulated with natural, holistic ingredients, making it a safe solution for your puppy’s teeth and gums.

Can You Use Baby Teething Gel On Puppies?

Again, you have to pay a close look at the ingredients used. Most teething gels are designed for puppies that are in their teething stage. You can use them for a puppy that is about four weeks old until all his teeth have fallen out. As long as the gel doesn’t contain artificial colors, sweeteners, numbing agents, and sugar, it should be safe for your little furry buddy.

Simply start familiarizing him with the gel by massaging his gums with it twice a day. He may not like the taste the first few days or so but once he does, he will love it for what it does to him. Pet parents actually use teething gels to introduce their pups to the idea of brushing their teeth. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Is Baby Orajel safe for puppies?

Maybe not. Orajel has high concentrations of its active ingredient Benzocaine. This ingredient may be safe for humans and some huge dog breeds but it might give a puppy deadly side effects. Benzocaine is essentially a numbing agent which when applied to a dog’s gums will numb it. This can cause him to bite his tongue hard and cause bleeding. That said, most puppies don’t suffer bad symptoms from ingesting small amounts of Baby Orajel.

Puppy Teething Gel Alternatives

Apart from puppy teething gel, here are some of the things you can give to your puppy to help him soothe his gums:

Chew Toys

The right chew toys can go a long way in preventing your puppy from abusing his tiny daggers on hard and potentially dangerous surfaces. Soft, plush toys are recommended since they can protect your puppy’s sensitive gum from injuries. Don’t worry about shredding—a puppy’s teeth are not strong enough to shred these toys.

Another excellent category of chew toys we recommend for teething toys is freezable toys. The cold temperature will not only soothe your puppy’s sore gums but will also abate bleeding. Here are the best options: Top 10 Freezable Teething Toys for Puppies

Remember to rotate the chew toys to keep yourpuppy’s interest level high

Soothing Herbs

Chamomile and Lavender are excellent herbs for soothing sore gums in puppies. Consider making tea out of these herbs, adding ice cubes, and giving a small amount to soothe your puppy’s gums. These herbs also have potent antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so they will not only soothe your puppy’s teething pain but will also prevent gum infections.   

The Right Diet

Proper nutrition is needed during teething to ensure that your puppy has a strong immune system for warding off infections. Ensure that your pup gets a balanced diet, specific to his age, breed, and size.

IMPORTANT: Take your puppy to the vet several times during Teething Phase

Before you even think of using puppy teething gels, soothing herbs, or getting your dog teething chews, it is important to consult a vet. A vet will help you assess the potential risks and benefits of these solutions or any other remedy you have in mind. A vet will also help you address any teething issue and advise you on the best practices for preventing potential gum infections in your puppy.  Some puppies may also have a slight fever while teething, so every time you notice your puppy’s temperature climbing too high, consider rushing your furbaby to the vet right away.

Final Thoughts

Having a teething puppy at home is enough to make you go crazy. From biting your hands to tearing your leather shoes, and drooling all over the house, it can be real torture both for you and him. A good puppy teething gel can help take some of the discomforts away and bring some normalcy at home.

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