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The Truth about Dogs Getting Bags under Their Eyes When Tired: Experts Weigh In

The Truth about Dogs Getting Bags under Their Eyes When Tired: Experts Weigh In

Swollen facial tissue beneath a dog’s eyes is hard to overlook and often triggers concern among devoted pet parents.

At first glance, some owners often dismiss it as signs of fatigue, a temporary eye condition, or even an insect bite, assuming it will naturally resolve.

However, as days pass, the puffiness tends to worsen, heightening the anxiety of those caring for their furry companions.

The notion of fatigue as a potential cause often sparkles a lot of debate among canine enthusiasts.

From time to time, the pressing question that arises is: do dogs indeed develop bags under their eyes when tired?

To shed light on this, we turned to seasoned vets and canine health experts, whose perspectives on the roots of this phenomenon might just challenge your assumptions.

It appears that the appearance of eye bags in dogs, when fatigued, can point to a range of underlying factors that go beyond mere exhaustion.

Human Perspective

Karly O’Keefe, an esthetician and owner of a facial treatment spa in LA, shed light on the human perspective.

She explained that sleep deprivation is a leading cause of dark circles in humans.

According to Karly, lack of sleep causes your skin to become pale. Consequently, blood vessels beneath the eyes become more visible giving you the appearance of dark circles.

Additionally, when you are tired, eye tissues weaken causing the skin to sag.

The fat around your eyes moves to the area under the lower eyelid through gravity. The area can also gather fluid thus looking swollen or puffy.

Do our dogs go through the same when they are tired?

Yes, Dogs Can Get Bags under the Eyes When Tired

Dr. Ashley Gray, from The Veterinary Emergency Group, confirms that dogs indeed experience swelling under their eyes when tired.

According to Dr. Ashley, when a dog is tired, the supportive structures around the eyes may weaken, allowing tissue to descend beneath the dog’s eyes.

Nevertheless, fatigue isn’t the sole culprit; it can also signal underlying health issues such as infections, allergies, or eye conditions. Allergies, for instance, can induce swelling, while infections may lead to eye discharge.

Dr. Ashley says: “If you notice bags under your pup’s eyes, consult a veterinarian to diagnose the problem and offer the best course of treatment.”

An Indication of Something Else—Some Unexpected!

The presence of puffiness under a dog’s eyes can also indicate more than just fatigue.

 Dr. Ron Hines, a reputable veterinarian, underscores the potential risks of disregarding this symptom.

Writing on his website, the dog expert says that most dog owners are often fooled by the sight of bags under their pup’s eyes.

This is mostly the case when the swelling seals over and goes away and the dogs act happy and healthy.

However, when the puffiness comes back after some time, the parents start to take things seriously.

One of the causes of bags under a dog’s eyes, as Dr. Hines explains is a tooth infection.

Sounds strange but canine eye bags are sometimes a result of problems in a doggie’s mouth.

The owners often doubt me when I tell them that the actual problem is in the dog’s mouth. What has happened is that an infection has spread from an infected fourth upper premolar tooth.”

— Dr. Ronald Hines

The fourth upper premolar is a big tooth in a pup’s upper jaw. It has three long roots with tips reaching up into the maxillary sinuses.

It is this very place that tooth abscess often forms thereby affecting the eye that is closest to it.

The Verdict

So, bags under a dog’s eyes can be indicative of various underlying factors, extending beyond mere fatigue.

While tiredness can contribute to this phenomenon, it is important for pet parents to remain vigilant.

Consulting a veterinarian is strongly advised, as the presence of bags under a dog’s eyes may signal potential health issues such as infections, allergies, or dental concerns.

By seeking professional guidance, dog owners can ensure the well-being and comfort of their furry companions.

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