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How to Fill Out UKC Registration Papers

How to Fill Out UKC Registration Papers

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Buying a purebred dog is an expensive affair. No matter the breed, you are looking at spending thousands of dollars.

People are willing to part with a pretty coin if they can predict the characteristic of the puppy in question.

Breeders also spend a fortune raising these little doggies thus the high price.

 If you care so much about having a purebred puppy, you might as well get them registered with the relevant authorities.

Why spend so much money if you cannot show off your pooch’s bloodline?

 Registration also ensures that your pet can participate in competitions when they come of age.

When thinking about registering your dog, you have several options to consider.

 These days, there are dozens of registries for dog owners. These include the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), and the Continental Kennel Club (CKC), among others.

 Each one offers a set of benefits for your pup. For instance, the UKC offers pups opportunities to participate in competitive events like obedience contests, weight pulls, and agility trials.

Compared to AKC’s dog shows, these are a lot of fun and beneficial for the well-being of your doggie.

Like all other dog registries, getting your dog registered with the UKC involves filling out forms.

There is a lot of information to include in the two-page document. And if it is your first time doing it, it is easy to fill overwhelmed.

That’s why we have come up with this guide. We will guide you on how to fill out the UKC registration form.

Single and Permanent Registration

Before you decide to enter your dog on the UKC, you should determine whether you are applying for a single or permanent registration.

Here’s a brief explanation of each type.

1. Single Registration

Single registration is the process of registering dogs from other registries with the UKC.

It also involves the registration of dogs with no litter registration but who have two UKC parents.

After the process, the dog receives all the rights and privileges of UKC full registration.

Filling Out the Forms for Single Registration

Step 1

This step is about the information of the dog you want to register.

You will fill out things like the breed, variety (where applicable), color, date of birth, sex, temporary listing number (tic yes or no), microchip, tattoo, spaying or neutering information (if yes, indicate when the dog was fixed), name of the dog, and owner/registrants of both the father and mother at the time of breeding.

This data is basic but needs to be correct to a tee.

Step 2

Here is where the information of the sole signatory goes. Only one person is listed as the sole signatory.

You will need to add the name and signature, and their contact information including the phone, email address, and location (city, state/province, postal code, country, current address).

Fill out the correct information here and read through the text in this section.

Step 3

This step is for the pedigree of the dog.

Attach a copy of your pedigree certificates for the pup’s three generations with their UKC numbers. Include titles and degrees where applicable.

Besides attaching the certificates, you also need to fill out the UKC numbers of all three generations for both the dam and sire.

 This includes the generations all the way to the grandsire and grand dam where applicable.

Step 4

The last section contains your credit information. Getting your dog to be UKC-registered needs money from your side.

There are different rates for the different number of dogs. For instance, if you have 1-3 dogs, you pay $35 for each animal and $20 each for 9 or more dogs.

You will also need to choose the kind of service you want (expedited, Next Day Air Service, or Rush services). Each attracts a different kind of fee.

The next step is your credit information including your credit number, your current address, name, signatures, and the expiry date of the number.

After filling out this information, you can send it via mail or email to the UKC and wait for them to get back.

2. Permanent Registration

According to the UKC official website, permanent registration is done for dogs that were initially litter-registered.

It is given to a buyer who wants a UKC certificate for his puppy with prior litter registration.

Once you complete the process as a buyer, you will be granted full registration rights and privileges.

Filling Out the Forms for Permanent Registration

Step 1

This contains the information of the seller of the dog and the date of purchase of the puppy.

When buying a puppy, you want to make sure that the seller signs on this part.

Step 2

The second step is the sole signatory or new registrant information.

Like the case for single registration, you will need to print the name of the new registrant and add their address and contact information.

Step 3

Here goes the information of the dog.

Go to the bottom left corner and find out the perfect description of your dog.

Tick the right code on the box then fill in the number of the code on the ‘color of dog’ space provided.

Now, add the name of the dog in the boxes below the section.

Step 4

This part is optional and applies to pet owners who want to add the names of successors in case something was to happen to them.

 You will need to add their names, signatures, contact information, and addresses.

UKC gives you the option of having up to three successors for your pup.

Step 5

The next step is the choice of package for the services rendered to you.

The information is pretty much equal to that of single registration.

There are several packages to choose based on the number of generations of the pup.

If you want additional services such as accelerated service, binder and custom inserts, or UKC card holder, indicate them on the list.

Step 6

Here goes your credit card information. By now, you should be aware of how much fees you are required to pay based on your choices above.

Enter every piece of information and then submit the form.

Parting Thoughts

Filling out the UKC registration forms can seem like a headache but it really isn’t. Everything is pretty much straightforward.

 You only need to sit down for a few hours and enter the right information.

Don’t rush though – you want to read everything in the paper so that you fill out the right information.