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Does Rural King Allow Dogs?

Does Rural King Allow Dogs?

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Although dogs are part and parcel of the family, they are not necessarily allowed in every public space.

When you visit many restaurants and shopping stores, you will have to leave the dog at home or the daycare.

If you have to bring them with you, one person must remain in the car with the pooch. That affects family time and bonding with the dog greatly.

Fortunately, some stores are welcoming to our four-legged members of the family.

Not only do they allow dogs in but some have gone the extra mile to create dog-friendly spaces for them.

Is Rural King one of the many dog-friendly stores in the US?

We will tell you all about that in this post. Let’s get started…

Rural King At A Glance

Known for its diverse mix of merchandise, Rural King is one of the leading farm and supply store chains in the United States.

Since 1960 when the first store took root in Mattoon, Illinois, the company has been selling all kinds of products including grills, grass seeds, live animals, auto parts, pet food, home products, and firearms.

With more than 125 stores across 13 US states, Rural King is now a household name.

The stores are mainly located in the country’s Midwest and southern states including Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

Does Rural King Allow Dogs?

Yes, Rural King does allow dogs in its varied stores.

The company’s website doesn’t have an official policy on this matter but many social platforms and forums have listed it as one of the dog-friendly stores in the United States.

Provided your dog is well-mannered and on a leash, you can bring it with you as you go shopping at any Rural King establishment.

The entrances of the chain stores have signs and placards that tell shoppers that they can come in with their doggies if they desired.

To get dogs to be on their best behavior, Rural King has gone the extra mile by offering yummy dog treats at the register and other points at the store.

The ailes are also large, chill, and quiet—just perfect for shopping with your Fido.

Plus, shoppers get to enjoy massive discounts on dog products at the store.

Tips For Shopping With Your Dog At Rural King

Retractable Dog Leash with Light

While Rural King is friendly to dogs, it has its own rules for shoppers who walk in with their dogs.

If you are planning to bring your dog along as you shop in one of the company’s many stores, pay attention to the following:

I. Dogs Aren’t Allowed In Rabbit And Chick Tubs

Rural King sells live chicks and bunny rabbits as part of its varied product list.

For obvious reasons, dogs aren’t allowed near the tubs.

There are plenty of signs that signal shoppers to take another route when they approach the live chicks and rabbits.

 If you disobey the rule and something happens to the live animals, the store may take action against you.

II. No Dogs On Food Aisles

Rural King’s stores selling food products also don’t allow pets in their aisles.

Dog dander can easily fall on the food items contaminating them in the process.

Also, food handlers may pet the animals and transfer their fur to the food.

Plus, dogs can easily be tempted to chomp on food sold by Rural King. That would be a great loss for the company.

III. Only Well-Behaved And Leashed Dogs Are Allowed

Dogs that are out of control cause havoc for shoppers and other pets in the store.

They may pick fights with other dogs, bite people, and rearrange items in the store.

Unleashed dogs that are well-behaved can also be carried away when they see other dogs and people in shopping stores.

Always ensure that your pooch is leashed and well-mannered lest you get in trouble when shopping out at Rural King.

Parting Thoughts

With an endless list of home and farm products, Rural King is one of America’s leading chain stores.

People flock to its stores all year long to grab a thing or two.

The good news is that the company allows dogs into its facilities.

The only catch: your dog has to be leashed and friendly and it should be kept away from the animal tubs and food aisles.