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Does IHOP Allow Dogs?

Does IHOP Allow Dogs?

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When craving an out-of-this-world pancake or French toast, an IHOP restaurant is always ready to delight your taste buds.

With more than 1500 locations across the United States, you don’t have to go very far to find one.

No doubt their wide range of deeply delicious pancakes is worth writing home about.

The restaurant also has other breakfast options such as omelets and French toast as well as lunch and dinner menus.

IHOP certainly knows how to put a smile on its customers. No matter the time of day, the restaurant is always willing to slap a stack of pancakes on a plate for you.

It has been around since 1958 and is rumored to serve approximately 700 million pancakes every year.

But does IHOP allow dogs in their restaurants? This is a pretty big deal if you have a pet and find it hard to leave them behind.

If you fit the description, we have a quick answer to this question.

Let’s dive right in…

Does IHOP allow dogs?

IHOP is, fortunately, a dog-friendly eatery.

Although the company doesn’t have an official policy on pets, reviews from past customers show that the restaurant does allow dogs in their outdoor eating areas.

The eatery has large patios where well-mannered dogs are welcome to hang out with their owners.

This Tripadvisor user had this to say about IHOP located at Pacific Beach:

This specific IHOP has a great patio with friendly employees and an amazing selection of breakfast menus. We rested well on the patio enjoying the sweet California weather with our dogs while taking in a great breakfast. We shall definitely visit it again when around Pacific Beach. “

Another one on BringFIDO claims that:

 “The IHOP’s La Quinta store sure has a large dog-friendly patio. Provided your dog is well-mannered and leashed, you can bring them along without issues. The patio has a private entrance from which you can use with your doggie.

Expert Tips

While IHOP may be dog friendly, we are not sure whether all their eateries do allow pets.

 It is, therefore, a great idea to make a call before heading out if you are bringing your dog along.

It is possible that some of the establishments don’t have patios and may not let dogs in the restaurants.

Others may be located in malls or buildings that don’t allow dogs at all. To be safe, contact the specific store beforehand.

In addition, make sure your dog is leashed and well-mannered before you take him to IHOP.

Even though the store is friendly to dogs, they have a right to throw out badly-behaved dogs that bring havoc to other customers.

Control your pet at all times and if he misbehaves, consider taking them elsewhere. If they make a mess at IHOP, you are responsible for cleaning it up.

Parting Thoughts

IHOP’s breakfast menus have many people flocking their endless stores all day long.

If you have pets, you can bring them with you as long as they are trained to keep the peace while out in public.

Nevertheless, you may contact a specific IHOP restaurant to know if they actually allow dogs or not.

This sounds unnecessary but it will save you time and effort later.