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Does Bega Peanut Butter Contain Xylitol?

Does Bega Peanut Butter Contain Xylitol?

Peanut butter is considered a tasty and safe treat for dogs.

No doubt our furry buddies cannot resist biting into anything with peanut butter.

It is so creamy, so tasty, and smells great to any pup.

Pet parents use it as a stuffing for toys to keep their doggies stimulated for hours on end.

Others also utilize it to reward good behavior and/or disguise medications.

However, over the last few years, vets have issued warnings about the safety (or lack thereof) of peanut butter for dogs.

Some brands unfortunately use xylitol as one of their ingredients for making the yummy treat.

The sugar alternative is a canine killer.

Upon ingestion, it will cause a sudden spike of insulin in a dog’s body.

Ultimately, this will cause a drop in blood sugar. If the pup doesn’t get treatment fast, he will have liver failure, seizures, and death.

And this happens quite fast – within 60-90 minutes of consumption. Learn more here: How Long Does Xylitol Stay in a Dog’s System?

Thankfully, not all peanut butter brands contain xylitol.

Some companies still care about the well-being of dogs on the planet.

It is thus upon you as a dog owner to vet every brand out there to determine whether it is safe or not.

I have done some of the legwork for you….In this guide, I discuss whether Bega peanut butter contains xylitol or not.

Bega Peanut Butter

Made from a factory in Port Melbourne, Australia, Bega peanut butter is a beloved peanut butter brand among dog lovers.

The company makes some of the best products in the market.

Their product is neither oily nor dry—just the perfect consistency for both human and canine consumption. 

The brand claims that it contains 85% peanuts all of which are sourced in Australia and Argentina.

Besides peanuts, the butter is made with a pinch of sea salt, some sugar, and vegetable oil.

Plus, it doesn’t contain flavors, GMO ingredients, and artificial colors according to the company.

The butter is a wonderful source of vitamin B3, protein, good fats, and magnesium.                                                                 

But Does Bega Peanut Butter Contain Xylitol?

Bega peanut butter may be all nutritious and tasty but if it contains xylitol, it is simply a dangerous substance for doggies.

The manufacturer via Instagram answered this question sometime back saying that the butter doesn’t have xylitol.

Clearly, Bega seems to have received many questions of this nature from concerned dog lovers.

In the gram post, the brand claims that many people ask them whether Bega peanut butter has xylitol or not. The answer, according to the post is a resounding no!

Bega also took to Facebook to answer the same question.

In the platform, a user asks if Simply Nuts Bega peanut butter is safe for doggies and specifically if it contains xylitol.

Bega answered the user that the product is free of the sugar alternative.

 Bega peanut butter uses sugar as one of its ingredients – not xylitol like many of its counterparts.

Sure, sugar is still not the best ingredient in dog-friendly peanut butter but it is way safer than xylitol.

The worst it can do is to increase your dog’s risk of obesity and perhaps trigger diabetes.

However, it will not cause liver failures, seizures, and death like xylitol.

As long as you use it in the right amounts, it is safe for your pooch.

Using Bega Peanut Butter For Your Dog

How Much Peanut Butter Can A Dog Have?

What a relief to learn that Bega peanut butter doesn’t have xylitol.

If you are a fan of the brand, feel free to stock it for both your consumption and that of your dog.

 However, like most dog treats, limit its consumption to 10% or less of his daily intake.

Resist the temptation to go above this limit to ensure that your pet gets good nutrients from other food sources.

Also, speak to your veterinarian about how much peanut butter is safe for your dog.

Learn more here:

How Much Peanut Butter Can A Dog Have?

How to Know If Peanut Butter Has Xylitol

Parting Thoughts

Peanut butter is a high-value canine treat.

When you want to spoil your doggie, get him to use a toy or take medicine, this yummy treat never disappoints.

While peanuts are safe for canine consumption, added ingredients in peanut butter make it toxic.

The worst of all is xylitol – a common sugar replacement in pastries, gum, and toothpaste.

As you shop around for good peanut butter for your dog, keep an eye out for this killer ingredient.

Lucky for you, Bega peanut butter is free of xylitol.

You can feed it to your dog without worrying about the risk of xylitol poisoning.

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