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Carolina Dog Mix: 7 Amazing Carolina Dog Crossbreeds you’ll want To Own/Adopt

Carolina Dog Mix: 7 Amazing Carolina Dog Crossbreeds you’ll want To Own/Adopt

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Dog mixes are the order of the day these days.

Granted, purebred doggies have their appeal but more and more dog owners are choosing the mixed breed route.

And it is easy to see why. Having a crossbreed is like owning two dogs in one.

Besides choosing a dog you truly love, a mixed breed comes with the advantage of good health.

Unlike purebred dogs that have a high likelihood of suffering from congenital diseases, mixed breeds are typically healthier.

The Carolina dog, also called the Dixie Dingo, Yeller, Yeller Dog, or American Dingo is a quiet, brave, gentle, and cunning breed from the hunting group.

After being alone for centuries, he has mastered the art of adaptation. This pooch can pretty much live in any environment.

Well, he’s not the most affectionate dog but he makes it up through his excellent skill as a watchdog, intelligence, playfulness, and beauty.

The good thing is that he can be crossbred with other dogs to achieve incredible results.

If you are looking for a Carolina dog mix, here’s a list of 7 amazing ones to own/adapt.

1. Carolina Dog Labrador Mix

First on the list, we have the popular Carolina dog Lab mix. This is arguably one of the most common mixes in this category.

Any dog enthusiast knows that both the Labrador retriever and Carolina dog have a hard and dense coat.

It is double-layered with a similar pattern. The resulting mix is no doubt a dog with these very physical qualities.

The color of the coat depends on the genes at play but expect a tan, yellow, white, fawn, and cream coated pooch.

This dog is of medium size of about 30-44 pounds and a height of 18-24 inches.

His temperament is that of a playful and social dog like your typical Labrador retriever.

He may appear a little shy and suspicious like the Carolina dog but overall, he is affectionate and happy. Just offer consistent training and socialization to get a stable dog.

Grooming the American Dingo Lab mix is not difficult. Daily brushing with a slicker brush is necessary to keep the coat nice and neat.

The rest (bathing, trimming the nails, brushing the teeth, etc) is similar to other dog breeds.

2. Carolina Dingo Pitbull Mix

The popular American Pitbull terrier aka Pitbull is also among the dogs that can be bred with the American Dingo.

The former weighs anywhere between 22 and 78 pounds while the latter is 30-44 pounds.

This means that the resulting Dingo Pitbull mix is a medium-sized breed.

He will be a little larger if he leans more on the Pitbull side and smaller if he gets more of the Yeller dog genes. Height ranges 17-24 inches at the shoulders.

His coat can be thick and dense like that of the Dingo or fine as that of the Pittie.

The range of colors of the coat is expansive including tan, brown, black, yellow, gray, blue, red, beige, orange, beige, sable, and ginger.

Both parents are easy-to-groom dogs. They shed moderately and don’t require a lot of grooming.

Looks aside, this mix has a good temperament. Pitbulls are known to be loyal, friendly, courageous, obedient, and intelligent. Carolina dogs, on the other side, are adaptable, loyal, and gentle.

The challenge of owning one is that he can be stubborn, strong-willed, primitive, and reserved.

 If you can handle all these, you will be good to go.

3. Carolina Dog German Shepherd Mix

As the name goes, this one is the cross between the German shepherd dog (GSD) and Carolina Dog.

The GSD dog is revered for his stellar working abilities. Whether it is cheering up patients in the wards, fighting alongside troops in war, or sniffing drugs at the border, the GSD can do it all.

Oppositely, the American Dingo is a happy, reserved, and independent pup.

Bring the two together and you will undoubtedly have a remarkable mix.

Like all dog breed, it is impossible to tell exactly how this crossbreed will look like. One puppy may end up with different physiques and temperaments from another.

However, generally speaking, expect a dog with scaled-down GSD looks. He will be likely smaller than a German shepherd (weight ranging from 40-60 pounds).

While he will likely have the dominant appearance of the GSD, this mix may also have some of the Dixie Dingo features such as gold/yellow colorings, and dainty feet.

Thanks to the shedding of the German shepherd, this mix does best with routine grooming.

Use an undercoat rake to brush the coat at least twice a week and bath routinely for the best results.

Also, remember that adequate exercise is important for the health of your pooch.

4. Carolina Dog X Chow Chow Mix

Love the fluffy, teddy-bear-looking Chow Chow and the Dixie Dingo?

Why not get the best of both worlds by owning a mix of both breeds?

Despite looking so different, these two dogs can be bred together.

The Chow chow is a rather large, super fluffy doggie with a friendly attitude.

 His white or biscuit double-dense coat and a tail that curls at the end give him his signature look that dog owners cannot get enough of.

The breed tips the scale at 45-90 pounds. The Carolina Dog is smaller at around 30-65 pounds. Your mix will fall somewhere in between.

Height can be anywhere between 17 and 24 inches.

Expect a heavy-shedding or light-shedding dog based on which genetics dominate.

Either way, keep your brushes and vacuums close.

Lucky for you, this one is a beauty to behold with a good temperament.

5. Carolina Dog X Husky

The Carolina dog Husky mix is another amazing choice to consider for Dixie Dingo lovers.  

The Husky is a Siberian working breed while the Dingo is a native North American breed.

Both dogs stand at about the same height but the Dingo is approximately 15 pounds lighter than the Husky.

They also share the same litter size, moderate grooming requirements, and litter sizes.

The Husky is an alert, affectionate, energetic, protective, and playful doggie.

Likewise, the Carolina Dog is friendly, loving, gentle, alert, social, and outgoing.

 A mix will have any of these temperaments. You may experience some stubborn streaks and independence as both breeds tends to have these qualities but expect a good-natured dog.

 He loves to be put to work and exercised adequately on a daily basis for top-top shape.

6. Carolina Dog X  Golden Retriever

The adorable and sweet-tempered Golden retriever can also be paired with the North American Dingo to get a little of every breed in one dog.

The Goldie is everyone’s favorite doggie. It has maintained the number 3 position in the list of America’s popular dog breeds for years.

 It was recently displaced to the fourth position but there’s a high chance he will go back up this year.

Very few dogs match him when it comes to temperament. He has a go-happy attitude that makes him perfect for all kinds of families.

 Patient with kids, sufficiently active and playful, gentle, easy to train, obedient, incredibly affectionate, and kind, the Golden retriever is a dream doggie for all.

Mixed with the Carolina Dog, the Golden retriever will derive some of the awesome qualities of the Carolina Dog such as gentleness, adaptability, and independence.

So in a way, this mix is a reserved and alert Goldie.

Grooming requirements can be heavy or moderate depending on who the puppy takes after.

7. Carolina Dog X Chihuahua

Of all the mixes on this list, this one is the most unique. This is because a medium dog is bred with a toy breed.

The Chi weighs only 3-6 pounds while the Carolina Dog ranges between 40-60 pounds.

The resulting mix is likely to be over 20 pounds and upwards of 25 inches in height.

In most cases, this one will have the face of a Chi and the body of the Dingo doggie.

Both dogs are loyal, friendly, and affectionate. The resulting mix will follow suit.

He will charm his way to your heart in no time. You will enjoy his loyalty, playfulness, and affection.

All you have to do is make sure the pet is well trained and socialized to make sure she stays peacefully with other pets.

Closing Thoughts

There it is – 7 amazing Carolina Dog mixes to adapt or own. If you are smitten by this great breed, you will love these mixes even more.’

 Sure, you may not be the right fit for all of them but you will have a few that tickle your fancy.

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