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What to Expect From Applehead and Deer Head Chihuahua Mix

What to Expect From Applehead and Deer Head Chihuahua Mix

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Small and mighty, Chihuahuas are petite dogs with big personalities.

These sweet pups have a lot to offer anyone in need of canine love and companionship.

Since they are the tiniest dog breeds, they don’t need a lot of space, making them great for apartments.

They are also extremely intelligent and learn commands and tricks in record time.

How about the fact that they are easy to maintain? Or that they have long lifespans than most dogs in the canine kingdom?

Chihuahuas come in two varieties – the apple head and the deer head.

Although they have resemblances, each type has specific characteristics that make it special in its own way.

Having a mix of the two is a good idea if you cannot decide which version you prefer.

Here, we have a detailed guide on what to expect from the mix.


The Apple head and deer head Chihuahua mix is a toy-size dog of not more than 6 pounds in weight and about 5-8inches tall.

Depending on which genes are dominant, the pup will have an apple-shaped or deer-like head (or a combination of both).

Apple head Chis are the most popular and are accepted as a breed standard by kennel groups.

Typically, their heads appear dome-like and apple-shaped with short snouts that attach to the head at a right angle.

They are called apple heads because their heads are rounded similar to an apple.

Their eyes are large and protrude from the head because of the dome-like shape of the skull.

Apple heads have slightly smaller bodies compared to deer heads with shorter necks and legs. They may also have a soft spot in their heads called a molera.

Deer head Chihuahuas, on the other hand, have narrow angular heads similar to those of a deer.

The snout is longer and meets the head at a sloping angle of about 450.

Compared to apple heads, deer heads have larger ears with less-pronounced eyes.

They also have longer jawlines and necks and are larger than their rounded-face cousins.

Although less common, deer-head chis may also have moleras.

Your mix will have any of the looks above. There’s no telling the outcome.

One litter often has a mixture of both apple and deer head Chihuahuas and some with blended physical characteristics.

Both versions come in short and long-haired varieties. It is up to you to choose which one suits you more.

They are also available in a range of colors including fawn, red, tan, black, and sable and can come in solid colors or markings such as a mask, a blaze, or a kiss. 


Your Chihuahua hybrid will display the typical temperament of a Chihuahua.

His larger-than-life personality and sassy expression will either charm you or drive you up the wall.

Some find Chis to be bossy and controlling while others cannot get enough of them.

Regardless, this hybrid is fiercely loyal and loving. As a toy dog, he loves curling up in his owner’s lap every chance he gets.

 He will follow you from one room to another just so he can spend time with you.

As a big dog in a small package, an apple head and deer head mix is a small watchdog.

He is very wary of strangers and will take on big dogs and people without the slightest hint of fear.

 In the house, he will want to rule, especially if he’s given the opportunity. You have to be firm and set ground rules.

Else the dog’s charming and entertaining personality will make you an easy target for him.

This pooch also suffers from separation anxiety and needs someone around the clock. If you have to be out, offer tons of mental stimulation.


Whether your dog inherits apple-head or deer-head genes, the level of maintenance is mostly determined by his coat type.

Long-coated breeds lose hair more than their short-coated cousins.

As a result, they require brushing twice a week to get rid of loose hairs. Those with short and shiny coats only need occasional brushing.

Both varieties shed heavily over autumn and spring. To keep hairs off your couches, rugs, and furniture, consider getting a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, you will also need to clean the apple and deer head Chihuahua’s long ears regularly to keep infections at bay. Just don’t do it too often as that can irritate or damage the ear canal.

 This doggie grows its nails fast, so you might want to be on top of that as well.

Lastly, don’t forget about your Chi’s dental hygiene.

Barking Potential

Chihuahua breeds are notorious for being some of the loudest pets.

They are constantly yapping demanding to be heard by anyone and everyone.

Most often, these doggies bark when there’s a change in the environment such as when you have guests over or when the neighbor’s dog comes too close.

Even with their tiny frames, apple head and deer head Chihuahua mixes will intimidate bigger dogs with their yelping.

Others make noise out of boredom, excitement, separation anxiety, or because of habit.

Different Chihuahuas bark at different levels depending on their personalities, training, and socialization.

Regardless, this is no quiet pet to own.

Training and Socialization

Both the deer head and apple head are equally intelligent, confident, and stubborn.

While training them is easy in the sense that they learn commands fast, their stubborn streaks sometimes get in the way of training.

To be successful, you must assume the role of the pack leader and put limitations in place.

 If the dog acts out by barking and whining, ignore him until he is in a relaxed state.

Also, use positive reinforcement (treats and lots of praise) to encourage him to respond to training.

Avoid using harsh methods if you want positive results. Exercise patience and consistency during training.

A well-socialized apple head and deer head Chi is well-mannered, less aggressive, and calmer than his counterparts.

As a puppy, be sure to expose him to other pets, kids, and adults. Come with him to the dog park, the mall, and other public places that accept dogs.

In addition, let him get used to different sights and sounds to curb shyness, aggression, and sensitivity.

Relationship with Kids and Other Pets

Families with small children are wary when choosing their family pets.

While most dogs respond well to adults, some are not ideal around young kids.

 Sadly, the Chihuahua is not so great with small kids. Their size makes them easy targets for children to pick and drop during play. This can trigger the dog to bite besides causing injuries.

Early socialization of your pet will help things. You might also want to teach your children how to handle the family dog.

If you can, always supervise the interaction between your kid and the dog to catch trouble.

As for other dogs, this Chi mix will live happily with them if he’s socialized at a young age.

They may chase unfamiliar pets on the property from time to time but he will co-exist well with those he’s lived with.


Dog Stool Softeners

Toy breeds including the Chihuahua live to be 14-18 years old. Some have reached the 20-year mark.

However, the deer head is believed to have fewer health issues compared to the apple head Chihuahua. That means the former has a longer lifespan than the latter.

Because of having a shorter muzzle and a flatter face, the apple head tends to suffer from breathing problems, especially Brachycephalic Syndrome.

Regulating his body temperature is also somewhat of a challenge.

Other medical issues this type is susceptible to include collapsing trachea, eye injuries, and infections.

If your mix has a narrower face, you may be luckier than if he comes with a round face.

Else, you might want to look out for the aforementioned medical conditions.


The apple head deer head Chihuahua mix blends the physical characteristics of both parents giving rise to a spectacular pet.

Like all mixes, it is difficult to predict exactly what you will end up with but expect the things detailed in this guide.

No matter the pet, you are certainly up for a ride of your life with this great mix!