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12 Dog Breeds with Underbites

Dogs with underbites typically display a lower jaw that prominently protrudes out from underneath the upper jaw. This causes...

6 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bernese Mountain Dog

A Bernese mountain dog (BMD) or Berner dog is an admirable canine along with the club of affectionate, sturdy, and loyal pets...
Dogs with Long Eyelashes

10 Dogs with Long Eyelashes

If you keep tabs on what’s trending on social media, you must already know about Mabel. The English chocolate...
Dogs with Black Tongues

15+ Dogs with Black Tongues

Dogs naturally have pink tongues. The little organ of taste is filled with a healthy supply of blood and nutrients no wonder...
Dog Breeds With Pictures and Prices

30 Dog Breeds With Pictures and Prices

Dogs don’t come cheap these days. There was a time when owning a pooch meant picking one puppy from your neighbor or...
Dogs with Bat Ears

12 Dog Breeds with Bat Ears

When looking for a dog, you will be bombarded with endless options. According to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI),...
Dog Breeds With Pictures and Prices

Can A CKC Dog Be Registered with AKC?

Registration of dogs with kennel clubs is a pretty big deal in pet ownership. A pedigree dog enjoys certain...

12 Striking White and Tan Dogs to Own

When looking for a dog, you have to make so many decisions. The most important obviously, is the breed.
Basenji Rat Terrier Mix

What’s It Like To Own Basenji Rat Terrier Mix?

Mixed dog breeds are popular now more than ever. It is easy to see why. Mixing essentially gives you two dogs in...
Brindle Boerboel

Brindle Boerboel: Facts You Need To Know Before Owning This South African Brindle Beauty

Boerboels are gigantic furry friends with so much love for the family. Also called farmer dogs, Boles, Borbulls, or...

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