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10 Dog Breeds with Fur between Toes

10 Dog Breeds with Fur between Toes

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It is perfectly normal for dogs to have fur on their bodies. What is rather strange is the occurrence of hair in between the toes.

In most cases, dogs with hairy paws suffer from a condition referred to as paw pad hyperkeratosis.

Keratin is a naturally-occurring protein that makes up a huge percentage of a dog’s claws, skin, and hair.

Under normal circumstances, a dog produces enough keratin for his needs. When the amount goes beyond his required limit, the dog will grow a substance in between his toes that look like a layer of hard fur.

So, which dog breeds have fur between toes?

Without further ado, here is a quick overview of the top 10 dog breeds with fur between toes.

1.  Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small little hairy bundle of joy. After finding a home in the laps of some of the leading names in ancient days, this toy breed has grown to be popular among his peers.

No doubt Shih Tzu is an affectionate, low-maintenance, and fun-loving lap dog. Sadly, this breed is also among those with hairy paws.

Owning a Shih Tzu means dealing with lots of hair including on the paws.

Lucky for you, keeping a regular trimming schedule will keep your dog happy.

2.  French Bulldog

Most French bulldogs have hair in between their toes and on the nose. The latter condition is known as nasal hyperkeratosis.

The actual cause is not known except that it is an issue of genetics.

Like many other dogs on this list, the overproduction of keratin happens before the Frenchie turns one.

The most effective treatment options is soothing the paw pads and trimming the fur to tame excessive growth.

3.  English Bulldog

The Frenchie is not the only dog in the bulldog family with a likelihood of developing hairy paws.

The stunning and charming English bulldog is also among dog breeds with hair between their toes.

If the hair gets longer than the paws, it might negatively affect your pup’s movements.

Trimming is always the best course of action when combating the issue.

4.  Golden Retriever

Paw pad hyperkeratosis is also a common occurrence in Golden Retrievers.

If you have owned one or two dogs from this breed, you might have noticed the trend.

By the first birthday, a Golden with this genetic disposition will show signs.

To keep your dog from collecting ice balls, burrs, gravel, and mud, consider trimming the fur in between the toes on a regular basis.

Most Golden retrievers don’t enjoy the feeling of their paw pads being touched over and over again, so start early if you can.

5.  Labrador

Labs are intelligent, friendly, warm, and intelligent. If you are a first-time owner looking for an easy dog to own, a Labrador fits the bill.

Whether you have another pet, kids, or old people at home, this is one dog that will love everyone.

While not all labs have fur in between their toes, a good number of them do.

The breed is also predisposed to paw pad hyperkeratosis.

Pet lab parents with hairy paws find it necessary to trim them to allow the dog to walk and run around efficiently.

As a puppy, a lab may not show signs of having hairy feet but as he grows, you will clearly see the symptoms.

6.  Boxer

From their cuddling tendencies to their silly playfulness, Boxers have warmed their way into countless American homes.

They feature a unique wrinkly face and distinct physique that’s very easy to remember.

Apparently, they are also one of the dog breeds with hairy paws. They are genetically susceptible to paw pad hyperkeratosis for one reason or the other.

7.  Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier is a graceful medium-sized canine with a long agile build.

Whether you put him in endurance sports or give him tasks at home, he will give his all just to put a smile on your face.

While not all Irish terriers have hairy paws, some of them do. Those with overgrown keratin need extra rooming needs to keep the fur at bay.

If you end up with a hairy-footed terrier dog, don’t worry.

As long as you carefully trim the hair before they grow longer than his pads, your dog will be healthy and happy.

8. Bedlington Terrier

Here’s another terrier dog that tends to have hairy feet.

If you love the intelligence, alert nature, and companionship of the Bedlington terrier, you will have to find a way to deal with his hairy paws as well.

Sure, only a percentage of these terrier dogs have fur in between their toes but it is good to have this information at the back of your mind.

Before turning one, the body may overproduce keratin and thus cause the dog to have a crusty, hard material on their paws that looks like thick fur.

9.  Dogues de Bordeaux

Also called the French Mastiff, the Dogues de Bordeaux is a massive canine with origins in France.

Dogs from this breed have been in existence for more than seven centuries. They love hard, are loyal, patient, calm, and sociable.

Besides their stubborn nature, the challenge of owning one lies in grooming the hair between his toes.

This breed’s genetics make him a good candidate for paw pad hyperkeratosis.

If not trimmed regularly, the excess keratin can cause pain and sensitivity on the paw.

10. Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan terrier is an old dog that dates back to over 2000 years ago.

The Himalayan people esteem him so high that they refer to him as a Holy Dog.

As a pet, you are looking at a gorgeous dog with a long coat and overall beautiful physical features.

He is obedient, loving, and sociable with all.

On the flip side, the Tibetan terrier is a renowned barker and requires a lot of grooming.

His toes tend to have plenty of fur that needs to be trimmed all the time.

Final Thoughts

There it is: 10 dog breeds with fur between their toes.

Basically, a dog with hairy paws attracts unwanted and dangerous substances in his paws.

In other instances, the keratin might overgrow and cause pain. This is why trimming is always a great idea.

Get a good pair of tiny clippers and cut elongated hair between your dog’s paws regularly.

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