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12 Striking White and Tan Dogs to Own

12 Striking White and Tan Dogs to Own

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When looking for a dog, you have to make so many decisions. The most important obviously, is the breed.

Depending on your family setup, you can get a pup that is big or small, active or laid-back, good with children or not, social with other pets or not, and so on.

You want a dog that makes a good addition to you and your family.

Color always comes at the bottom of the list. However, with the endless coat color possibilities in most dog breeds, you can get yourself what you desire (well, in most cases).

White and tan is available in some breeds and unavailable in some. If you are smitten by this color combination, here’s a list of 12 awesome dogs to choose from.

1. Jack Russell Terrier

When it comes to the white and tan coat color, no breed beats the Jack Russell terrier (JRT).

This is the primary color of the breed among others including black and white, chestnut and white, tri-color, lemon white, and red and white. You have quite a number of options to consider here.

Lucky for you, white and tan is quite common, meaning it is readily available compared to other colors.

Owning the JRT means saying yes to a high-maintenance, highly intelligent, working, active, and sweet dog.

She excels very well on agility, endurance, and overall training.

If you can handle the heavy shedding, you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts.

2. Akita

With webbed toes, a curled tail, and a fluffy coat, the Akita is a beauty to behold.

If you love big, teddy bear-like dogs, this one will make you happy.

Although she’s not your ultimate cuddle doggie, she still has plenty of good qualities. These include gentleness, loyalty, goofiness, and just fun.

Most Akitas come in brindle, red, and white/brindle colors with the brindle having tan hairs on top with a plain white chest and underbelly.

3. Saint Bernard

Bred to guard travel lodges located in the Swiss Alps, Saint Bernard is a muscular, intelligent, and gentle giant.

The dog may appear stocky, huge, and intimidating but she’s nothing short of amazing.

She loves to spend time with the rest of the family indoors. She is friendly, easy-going, and content to hang with her human owners.

Like the Jack Russell terrier, Saint Bernard comes in many color possibilities.

White always makes the largest portion of the coat accompanied by other colors including red, tan, orange, and rust.

4. Basset Hound

Whether you want a dog that can go with you to the hunt or one that doesn’t mind lazing around, the basset hound can do it all.

With amazing tracking abilities, this breed can follow scents for miles making him a fantastic hunting buddy.

Back home, she is happy to lie on the couch, play with your kids, drag her long ears across the house as she hunts for crumbs, and just being goofy.

White and tan basset hounds are some of the beautiful in the canine world.

 If you need more stories for your gram, get one and you will always have something to share with the world.

5. Galgo Espanol

Also called the Spanish Greyhound, the Galgo Espanol is a sighthound bred to hunt rabbits back in the day.

With a serious, reserved temperament, the dog may not be the first choice for many dog lovers.

However, despite being shy around strangers, she is just the opposite to those she is familiar with.

She is affectionate with the family, gentle with children, gets along with other dogs if socialized early, and is friendly towards cats.

Galgo Espanols are available in many colors including black, brindle, tan, golden, and cinnamon—all with white patches.

6. Boxer

Love boxers? You’d be happy to know that this working group of dogs also comes in white and tan coat color.

AKC calls it fawn but it is an umbrella of a wide variety of shades from light tan to mahogany. The other color is brindle.

Whichever color the dog is, she may or may not have some white on her.

If the white patches are present, they will be located on the feet and belly and shouldn’t cover more than one-third of the coat.

7. French Bulldog

The adorable French bulldog is also among the list of white and tan dogs to own.

The breed has come from far concerning the accepted coat colors. Back in 1987, the only breed standard was brindle.

Revisions made provisions for other coat colors such as cream, fawn, and piebald.

Now, the acceptable colors are varied. As long as the dog is not black. Mouse, black and tan, liver, white with black, and black and white, you can take him to the show ring.

White and tan fit in the category of fawn. The shades here range from light (almost cream), tan, and deep red fawn.

8. Japanese Chin

This lovable tiny fluff ball from Japan is an absolute beauty. Those big eyes, squished nose, and furry coat/tail make her stand out.

With a fun, cheerful, and easy-going disposition, the Japanese Chin is your typical lapdog.

If you are into toy breeds that make great cuddle buddies, the Chin fits the bill.

The common colors are lemon, black, sable, and tan mixed with white.

9. Kromfohrlander

From the name, you already know that the Kromfohrlander has some German roots on her.

As a descendant of the mascot military dog, the breed was discovered by American military trips in the 1940s.

Despite being bred in Germany, the Kromfohrlander is quite rare there and everywhere else.

If you are lucky to get yourself on one, expect a lively, good-natured, athletic, and intelligent dog.

This is a people’s dog that can adapt to different family situations well.

10. Bearded Collie

This shaggy, charismatic, and boisterous dog breed from Scotland is another choice for white and tan lovers.

Weighing about 50 pounds and standing at a height of 20-22 inches at the shoulder, the Beardie is a medium-dog.

As for the personality, the breed is friendly, a good decision-maker, and a pretty willful doggie.

With enough training and socialization, Beardies can learn to peacefully co-exist with kids and other pets.

11. Whippet

A whippet comes in several colors. This also includes different color intensities, patches, shades, and color combinations.

Essentially, the breed has several base colors including black, cream, silver, grey, tan, fawn, blue, orange, and in rare circumstances, dun or white.

While some have a solid color, others will have a combination of colors and a few white markings. So, a tan whippet can have a solid color or have a few white marks on her.

Thankfully, the color of your whippet doesn’t matter as far as the temperament goes. You will get a loving, active, intelligent, and sociable dog.

As long as you let her run in the yard or the dog park on a daily basis, she will be happy to be a part of the family.

12. American Bullweiler

The American Bullweiler is the cross between the Rottweiler and the American Bulldog.

Like the parents, this is a strong, muscular, and athletic dog that protects the family fiercely.

The Bullweiler is a great guard dog and a loving companion. Pleasing you is on top of the list of her priorities. She yearns for affection and gives it back generously.

Her grooming routine is also quite easy.

The only downsides to owning the breed are excessive barking and the tendency to be a one-man dog.

Training and early socialization will take care of the problem.

Parting Thoughts

There it is: the list of 12 dogs to own if you are a fan of white and tan. So many choices to consider!

Narrow down your search based on your needs and those of your family.

For example, if you have very young kids, it may not be the best idea to get a massive dog that can run over them during play.

Choose wisely!

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