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Is Palmolive Dish Soap Safe for Dogs?

Is Palmolive Dish Soap Safe for Dogs?

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Some dog shampoos are incredibly expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use dish soap to bathe your fur baby?

Not only will you save tons of bucks but you also get to minimize the number of cleaning products at home—which can pile up real fast and create clutter.

Sometimes your pet shampoo runs out when you need it the most and don’t have the time to rush to the store.

What do you do? Grab your Palmolive dish soap and clean the pooch with it, right? Not so fast…

Read this post first and determine whether the dish soap is safe for her or not. Dogs have sensitive skins and can react negatively to certain cleaning products.

The Good of Palmolive

Palmolive is a sweet-smelling detergent used to clean dishes.

It is formulated to remove grease on plates and pans while being gentle on your hands.

It also has a rich lather that fights grime effectively.

For dogs, the dish soap is awesome as it gets rid of oil buildup clogging your dog’s pores. The result is a clean coat of fur.

With a few drops, you can get rid of unwanted substances on the dog’s coat.

If your dog was recently sprayed by a skunk, it means that her fur is very oily.

As a result, normal dog shampoos may not help very much. In such a case, the dish soap will help to effectively clean the coat and keep it fresh again.

The sweet aroma of the soap ensures that any bad odors are at bay. If your dog gives off bad smells from time to time, the soap can help with that.

As mentioned, Palmolive dish soap is designed to be gentle on the hands. This rings true for your dog as well.

It is not too harsh to dry out your pup’s skin and compromise its health. Plus, the soap is a great flea killer.

In addition to cleaning your pooch, it will also kill any fleas present in her body.

Sadly, it only kills adult fleas and not any larvae or eggs. For a wholesome solution to the problem of flea infestation, get a product that targets the eggs.

The Bad

With all the good that Palmolive does to your dog, it is hard to imagine that it has a downside to it.

However, it has a few cons that you should take note of. For one, it is not the best product for regular cleaning.

This is because it removes oils from your pup’s skin—oils she needs to keep a shiny and healthy coat.

With continued use, your dog’s skin may dry out leading to flakiness and itching.

Other dogs run the risk of having an overproducing of skin oils thereby needing too frequent baths.

If you have to use this dish soap, don’t make a habit of it. Only use it once in a while and revert to a dog shampoo that is formulated to maintain your coat’s shine.

Secondly, Palmolive, like other dish soaps, contains harsh chemicals including dyes, perfumes, and alcohol. These can damage your pup’s skin and coat.

Additionally, if your fur baby licks off the product, he will ingest the toxic stuff and suffer ill effects.

The dish soap, sadly, may be too harsh for dogs with sensitive skins. It may be the most gentle than other dishwashing soaps in the market but make no mistake—it is harsher than your typical pet shampoo.

The latter is formulated to match the pH of the dog and doesn’t irritate the skin.

If your dog already has issues with allergies and skin issues, you are better off using shampoo made for dogs.

The smell is also a tad strong for some dogs. If yours cannot handle it, consider changing to an odorless pet cleaning product.

Final Verdict

Palmolive dish soap does a good job when it comes to bathing your pet. It smells great, lathers well, and gets all the dirt and oils out to give your dog a healthy and clean coat and skin.

On the other hand, it comes with disadvantages. Since it is formulated to remove oils from dishes, it can get rid of the natural oils in your dog’s skin and cause his skin to be flaky, dry, and unhealthy.

To be safe, only use it in emergencies. Let it not replace your standard pet shampoo.

Additionally, if your furry friend has sensitive skin, you might want to keep off Palmolive before you hurt her.

Palmolive dish soap is a staple in many homes. Sometimes it can be tempting to use it on your four-legged friend as well.

If you are out of pet shampoo, feel free to bathe your doggie with it as long as it doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

Going forward, purchase a quality pet shampoo that will not dry out your pup’s skin.

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