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Sable McNeil

Sable McNeil is a canine chef, professional pet blogger, and proud owner of two male dogs. I have been an animal lover all my life, with dogs holding a special place in my heart. Initially, I created this blog to share recipes, tips, and any relevant information on healthy homemade dog treats. But because of my unrelenting passion to make a difference in the world of dogs, I have expanded the blog’s scope to include the best information and recommendations about everything dog lovers need to know about their canine friends’ health and wellbeing. My mission now is to find the most helpful content on anything related to dogs and share it with fellow hardworking hound lovers. While everything I share is in line with the latest evidence-based veterinarian health guidelines, nothing should be construed as veterinary advice. Please contact your vet in all matters regarding your Fido’s health.

Top 12 Snoring Dog Breeds

Yes, dogs can snore. Just like humans, dogs can snore due to a variety of reasons including obesity, sleeping positions, upper respiratory infections, allergies, and age among other factors. However, some breeds also have certain characteristics that predispose them to snore more than other breeds. For instance, the shape of their head or throat can …

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What Dog Breeds Need Their Glands Expressed?

Every dog expresses their anal glands naturally—this is what happens when they poop. Occasionally, dogs may also express their glands involuntarily when they are scared, stressed, or ill. For the most part, either of these is not a problem but it is not uncommon for some dogs to have anal gland problems. This typically happens …

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Can I Give My Dog Human Turmeric Capsules?

Turmeric needs no introduction. From the time it was discovered in India over 4,000 years ago, this miracle spice has continued to dominate culinary arts not only because of its taste but mostly due to its many health benefits. Modern medicine has even begun accepting its use. For instance, over 3,000 publications promoting the use …

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What Home Remedy Kills Maggots on Dogs?

Maggot infestation, also known as Myiasis, is a rare, yet dangerous, infestation of the skin caused by fly larvae. Often seen in animals, it can occur in humans as well. While it is usually found in tropical and subtropical climates, certain types of myiasis have been known to spread even further. Most commonly, this condition …

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