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Can Humans Eat Milk Bone Dog Treats?

Can Humans Eat Milk Bone Dog Treats?

If you have kids, you know just how adventurous they are – especially as toddlers.

As soon they start crawling, they get the idea that everything is edible.

If they find some milk bone dog treats, best believe they will munch on them.

But it is not just a kids’ thing – lots of adults have also tried milk bones for several reasons.

Maybe it was a dare at a party, or it was just out of curiosity.

Whichever the case may be, it is natural to wonder as soon as you or your kid consumes a milk bone if they are going to be okay.

So, Is It Safe For Humans Eat Milk Bone Dog Treats?

Well, the truth is milk bone dog treats – or any other dog food for that matter – is safe for human consumption.

 The Worcester magazine reports that the FDA ensures that all dog foods are not only safe for dogs but also for humans.

Simply put, what does not kill your dog will not kill you either.

In fact, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that humans have been eating milk bone dog treats for years without any issues.

For instance, one parent posted on a Forum how her toddler ate milk bone dog treats and she rushed him to the doctor.

Surprisingly, the pediatrician told her that the milk bones were perfectly safe and wouldn’t harm her baby in any way.

Some people also believe that eating milk bone dog treats helps them to take more alcohol.

But there is really no scientific evidence to support the claim.

Others just do it for the fun of it.

But even though milk bone dog treats are safe for human consumption, it doesn’t mean that you should start buying enough for your dog and your family to snack on.

See, milk bones and all other dog foods are delicious for your dog but they taste horrible to the human taste buds.

There is almost zero chance that you will enjoy eating them.

What Happens When You Eat Milk Bone Dog Treats?

In case you are wondering if you will have some kind of reaction to eating milk bones, well, nothing will happen really.

Yes, you will have a bad aftertaste in your mouth but that might be the only side effecting for munching on milk bone treats.

There is, however, a concern about the ingredients used.

See, even though the ingredients are typically safe for humans, the food grade used for dogs is not similar to the food grade used in making human foods.

As such, there is a chance that eating any kind of dog food might expose you to foodborne diseases.

But this danger would only be a real issue if you were to consume the dog treats in bulk.

However, dog food doesn’t taste good anyway and so it is not possible to eat lots of it even if you wanted to.

Milk Bone Ingredients

The specific ingredients used in making milk bone dog treats can vary depending on the brand and type of milk bone, but some common ingredients include:

  • Wheat flour: This is the main ingredient in milk bones and it is used to provide the structure and texture of the treat.
  • Beef broth: Many milk bones contain beef broth, which is used to give the treat a savory flavor that dogs find appealing. It also enriches the biscuit with proteins and minerals.
  • Powdered milk: Milk powder is used to provide a source of calcium and other nutrients for dogs. In fact, the use of high milk content in the recipe is believed to be the reason why this dog treat was named “milk bone”
  • Vegetable oil: Vegetable oil is used to provide a source of healthy fats for dogs.
  • Salt: Salt is used to enhance the flavor of the treat.
  • Sugar: Some Milk bones contain sugar to provide a sweet taste.
  • Preservatives: Some Milk bones contain preservatives to extend their shelf life.

The ingredients are mixed, formed into the desired shape, and then baked.

Some Milk bones might contain additional ingredients such as animal by-products, artificial colors, and flavors, which may not be healthy for either dogs or humans and should be avoided.

That’s why it’s a good idea to read the label of ingredients before buying any dog treat.

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What Do Milk Bone Dog Treats Taste Like?

It is difficult to describe the taste of milk bones as they are not intended for human consumption.

However, based on their ingredients, milk bones may have a bland or artificial taste.

They are made with ingredients such as wheat flour, which can have a slightly grainy or earthy taste, beef broth which could give a savory meaty taste, and powdered milk, which can have a slightly sweet and milky taste.

However, these ingredients are used in small quantities and may not have a strong flavor individually.

The texture of milk bones is hard and crunchy, which can be difficult to chew for humans, and the taste may not be appealing to most humans.

It’s important to remember that milk bones are formulated and processed for dogs, and their taste and nutritional value are tailored to meet their specific needs and that’s why humans may find the taste unbearable.

(See Dan and Mauro try 6 milk bone dog treats in the video below).

But your dog will love them!

Parting Thoughts

Have you ever consumed a milk bone biscuit or any other dog treat?

Chances are you didn’t like the taste that much, right? Well, on the plus side, they are not unsafe for humans—for the most part.

 So the next time you are hanging out with your friends and they dare you to taste it, you can gobble it down without any worry.

But do not just make it a habit because the food grade of the ingredients used may not be good enough for humans. 

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