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Are WoodWick Candles Safe for Dogs?

Are WoodWick Candles Safe for Dogs?

WoodWick candles are loved because they burn cleaner than other kinds of candles but are they safe around dogs?

For the most part, WoodWick candles are safe for use around dogs—as long as they are used properly.

The candles are made from high-quality paraffin and soy waxes and they have wooden wicks.

The combination of these natural ingredients makes them safe for dogs, cats, and other pets.

But that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind.

It is still important to place the candle away from your dog.

See, when lit, the glass container of the candle can become hot, posing a risk of burns to your pet as well as to other occupants of the home.

Even though WoodWick candles are generally safe for dogs, it is important to avoid the ones that are scented.

Fragrance oils are commonly used in WoodWick candles to give the candles a good scent.

These fragrance oils are typically infused with essential oils (e.g. eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree oil).

While essential oils are known to have a relaxing effect among many other health benefits for humans, most are toxic for dogs.

As a rule of thumb, pet parents should avoid products that are infused with essential oils unless they are sure their dog won’t be affected by the oil in question.

How Long Can I Safely Burn A Woodwick Candle Around My Dog?

It is advisable not to burn WoodWick candles for more than four hours at a time.

This will help prevent overheating of the glass to the point of causing burns on contact.

Also, if the candle has a fragrance, limiting the time of use can help limit exposure in case your dog has an allergic reaction to the oils in the candle.

It is also a good idea to ensure the room is well-ventilated before burning the candle for long.

However, be sure to place the candle away from drafts as that may result in accidental fires.

If your dog is allergic to any of the products in the candle, overexposure will exacerbate the situation.

Safety Precautions When Burning Woodwick Candles around Your Dog

Here are some precautions that should be taken when burning WoodWick candles around dogs:

  • Always keep the WoodWick candle out of the reach of your furry baby.
  • Do not leave a burning WoodWick candle unattended as it could result in an accidental fire that may harm your pet and house.
  • Do not light the candle near flammable material.
  • The candle should be lit in a well-ventilated room but one that is protected from drafts.
  • Burn the wood wick candle for short periods (maximum four continuous hours). If you need to burn the candle throughout the day or night, put it off every three to four hours and allow it to rest for 1-2 hours, and then trim the wick before lighting it again.
  • Avoid using WoodWick candles that have fragrances because these fragrances are often infused with essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, tea tree, wintergreen, and pine oils, which could be harmful to dogs.
  • Do not hesitate to seek the help of a vet if your dog starts showing signs of illness.
  • Be sure to supervise your furry baby to ensure they are not playing dangerously close to the candle as they could accidentally knock the candle over and thereby get burnt.
  • Store any unused WoodWick candles out of the reach of your dog. Even though it may not be toxic to your dog, ingesting it could still lead to gastrointestinal blockage and other issues.

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