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Why You Should be Filing Dog Nails Instead of Clipping

Why You Should be Filing Dog Nails Instead of Clipping

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your fur baby and groom him so that he can enjoy a full and comfortable life.

Paying close attention to nail trimming doesn’t only keep the nail from affecting his posture but also prevents it from cracking.

This part of grooming needs to take place on a regular basis.

However, trimming a dog’s nails is easier said than done. Most pet parents dread it compared to other grooming exercises.

For the most part, nail trimming is difficult because most dogs don’t enjoy it very much. The feeling of having their sensitive nails pulled and clipped doesn’t make them very uncomfortable.

If you can’t get your dog to settle during nail trimming, you might want to switch gears and try filing instead of clipping.

Here, I have listed a number of reasons why you should be filing dog nails instead of clipping.

1. A Relaxed Experience

Whether it is the scissor-type or guillotine-type clippers, most canines are freaked out by these grooming tools.

If your dog wants to make a run for it when they see a clipper, they are probably too scared of the tool.

Perhaps it’s the size of the clippers that scares them away or the noise it makes during clipping.

Either way, a clipper can traumatize a dog making him very nervous and anxious during clipping.

Obviously, clipping the nails of a nervous dog is not a very good idea.

A file, on the other hand, is much smaller and less scary. Most breeds sit well through nail filing with minimal stress nervousness.

Then there’s the fact that filing is slow and hassle-free. If you file right, your pup will almost feel like you are massaging them.

Some pet parents actually massage their dogs prior to filing to make their pups feel relaxed.

2. Better Results

If you’ve ever clipped and filed your own nails, you can attest to the fact that the latter delivers a good result than the former.

Even after clipping, most times, you’d follow that with filing just to smooth things out.

It’s the same story for your pet. Filing gives it a polished and smooth look than clipping.

It removes sharp tips and fragments that would be found during clipping. A smooth nail means less damage to your precious sofas and fabrics.

It is also safer for the dog when he scratches himself.

Granted, filing an entire nail takes time but the results are so worth it.

3. Prevents The Likelihood Of Snipping The Quick

Here’s another important reason why filing your dog’s nails is superior to clipping them.

When you go the clipping route, it can be difficult to tell whether you have nipped the quick or not.

In case you don’t know, the quick is the blood vessel that supplies nutrients to the nail.

It is not easily identifiable as it grows alongside the nail. This is especially true if your dog features black nails.

You have to pay extra attention to prevent yourself from cutting it.

In the event that you cut the quick, blood loss and pain is inevitable.

Filing is slow and gives you better control of the grooming exercise.

You can easily tell when you’ve arrived at the black spot, aka the pulp, which is next to the quick.

If you have, it means you need to stop. Else, keep going.

4. Filing Keeps The Integrity Of The Nail

Canine nails are thick and tough. Clipping them can easily cause splitting and peeling of the nail.

The great force exerted can cause breakage. Split and broken nails can wreak havoc for your dog and your household. It may actually cause pain for the poor pooch.

Filing greatly reduces the likelihood of splitting and peeling.

Nail files designed by dog nail care experts have double sides. Some are made of safe and quality materials such as crystal glass to make the grooming experience easy and fun for your dog.

If you notice your Fido’s nails breaking unnecessarily, clipping might be the reason.

In that case, make the switch to filing. You won’t regret the decision. 

5. Excellent For Thick Nails

While clipping is fast and easy, it is not the best method for canines with thick nails.

The likelihood of crushing the nail and thus causing pain for the dog is always high.

On the other hand, clipping makes trimming possible and drama-free for the dog.

If you have a fur baby with thick nails at home, you might want to file his nails for his own good.

Filing Dog Nails Instead of Clipping: Final Thoughts

Filing and clipping will get the job done. However, the means to the end differ greatly.

The only advantage of clipping is that it is fast. Unfortunately, it comes with a plethora of shortcomings.

Filing presents a ton of benefits that outweigh its cons.

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