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Dog Planner Printable

Dog Planner Printable

Get Your Dog Records Organized In One Planner Binder and Never Have To Search For Their Paperwork Again! 

As a pet owner, you don’t realize the importance of writing down key information about your dog. It is until you visit the vet that it dawns on you that you need to stay organized by jotting down some information about your furry buddy.

Dog planner printables can dramatically change your game as a dog parent. Not only are they all set and ready for use but they also fit perfectly into a 3-ring binder for convenience. That’s not all – the printables are also can easily be downloaded digitally. As soon as you purchase them, you will have all the files right in your inbox.

Why Use Dog Planner Printables?

In case you are wondering whether a dog planner printable is necessary or not, here are a few reasons to motivate you to get one. This stems from years of experience from both being a parent and spending time at an animal clinic.

  • With a printable, you can gather all information about your dog and put it in a binder. This way, you can reach out for it anytime you want.
  • While it doesn’t happen to all of us, sometimes you need a sitter, friend, relative, or neighbor to watch over our dogs. When that happens, the person can use the information on the planner to best take care of the dog in your absence.

What’s Included in the Printable

First thing first, this is instant downlodable digital PDF that you can print at home. No physical product.

Here is what you get if you you purchase the Dog Planner Printable:

  • Dog Planner Printable (38 pages)
  • Puppy Planner (10 pages)
  • Cover and Divider Sheets (10 pages)
  • Bonus: Scarpbook Sheets (5 pages)

Pages Included

Here are the pages we have included in the dog planner printable to help you and your canine friend get organized:

  • Dog information
  • Medical and medication record (2 pages)
  • Dog sitter contact,  medical information, schedule, and notes (6 pages)
  • Dog Sitter information
  • Grooming Record
  • Dog chores
  • Dog responsibility sheet
  • Dog Expenses Overview (2 pages)
  • Vaccination Record
  • Immunization Record
  • Dog visitation record
  • Dental care record
  • Daily dog planner
  • Weekly dog planer
  • Dog Food Transition Log
  • Feeding schedule
  • Dog owner’s contact information
  • Dog research websites
  • Important contacts
  • Preventive medication log
  • Treat recipe
  • Dog weight tracker
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Dog growth tracker
  • Walking tracker
  • Command dictionary
  • Dog bucket list
  • Dog hotel check-in sheet
  • Dog adoption log
  • Dog journal (2 pages)
  • Dog wellness tracker

Feel free to choose the right order that is ideal for your needs and those of your family. You don’t have to utilize all of the pages and that’s perfectly fine. Generally, how you organize the printables is entirely up to you.  You can play with different ideas until you get what works for you and your pup.

Puppy Planner Pages (10 pages)

It is very important to be well-prepared when you first welcome a new puppy to your home. Taking a systematic approach to his care, training, and socialization can give you the best chance of his long-term success and overall wellbeing. This puppy planner allows you to keep all the important information on feeding, training, walking, socialization, vaccines, and vet visits.

Pages included:

  • Puppy Planner cover sheet
  • Activity log
  • Milestones sheet
  • Potty training
  • Puppy training (Monday to Sunday-4 pages)
  • Socialization Checklist (2 pages)

Covers/Dividers Sheets(10 pages)

There are different cover options to consider. Essentially, you can use the cover in two ways. If your binder allows inserts, you can make the binder easy to identify by inserting a cover into the binder’s front. For a multi-pet household, use one cover sheet as the front page for each dog’s section.

  • Dog Planner cover sheet
  • Health
  • Training
  • Wellness
  • Expenses
  • Travel
  • Routines & Checkups
  • Information & Research
  • Recipes
  • Extras
  • Miscellaneous

Bonus: Scrapbook/Photo Template Sheets (5 pages)

  • You can use these to add your dog or puppy photos, print them out, and frame or add to your dog or puppy planner.
  • You will get 5x different designs

Instructions To Follow When Printing A Pet Planner Printable

  1. You need a few supplies, including:

(You can get these from a local store or Amazon )

2. Decide if you want black and white or colored printable

3. Choose the type of paper depending on what is on the tray

4. Select to put the borderless on if you desire. From experience, if you use regular paper, you end up with a bleed border on the edges of the paper. This means the printer doesn’t print the color on the edges. However, if you are using the HP Smart App, you can select ‘borderless printing’ to print the bleed.

5. Print as many pages as you need.

NOTE: The colors you see on the screen may be slightly different from how they physically appear or how you view them on another device. Blame it on your monitor’s color calibration.

If you don’t want to print the printable at home, you can opt for a local print shop or use an online service such as Shutterfly, Vista Print, and Kinkos.

Refunds and Exchange Policy

  • We appreciate your purchase and are on standby for your messages and questions.
  • Note that when you purchase the printable, you will not get a refund because we can’t tell whether or not you’ve printed the design.
  • The printable is copyrighted by  and cannot be used for commercial reasons. You may print as many copies as you deem fit, but may not resell, reproduce, or distribute physically or digitally or profit from the design in any way.

Parting Thoughts

If you want to track your dog’s supplies, care, records, and other important information, a dog planner printable is your best friend. We also believe that preventative care is always the best thing you can do for your dog. By keeping track of your pet’s meals, medication schedules, training schedules,  pet sitter information, etc, you can predict what comes to your pup. Our dog planner binder will help you keep track of everything about your dog so nothing catches you by surprise.