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Can I Give My Dog Human Turmeric Capsules?

Can I Give My Dog Human Turmeric Capsules?

Turmeric needs no introduction.

From the time it was discovered in India over 4,000 years ago, this miracle spice has continued to dominate culinary arts not only because of its taste but mostly due to its many health benefits.

Modern medicine has even begun accepting its use.

For instance, over 3,000 publications promoting the use of turmeric for its medicinal value have been published in the last three decades.

This renewed interest in turmeric powder has led to the development of human turmeric capsules.

What Are Turmeric Capsules?

Turmeric capsules are dietary pills made from turmeric powder and they are used as a health supplement, thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.

They are made from dried turmeric root that has been ground into a fine powder and then encapsulated in a hard or soft shell.

These supplements are taken orally to help support overall health and well-being and they are known to treat respiratory infections, liver disease, digestive disorders, arthritis, depression, allergies, and many other ailments.

Turmeric capsules provide a richer source of the spice as opposed to the amount one would get when used as a spice in a recipe.

 As a result, the capsules are more effective in dealing with the ailments that turmeric is known to cure.

The capsules also make it possible to control the amount of turmeric you consume to avoid taking too little or too much.

As long as the proper dosage is adhered to, turmeric capsules are safe because they are 100% natural.

However, it is important to follow the dosage instructions on the label of the turmeric capsules, as taking too much can lead to side effects such as stomach upset and allergic reactions.

Can I Give My Dog Human Turmeric Capsules?

Yes, you can give your furry baby the human turmeric capsules—but with some caveats.

See, turmeric is non-toxic to dogs as long as you do not overdo it.

And your dog is bound to reap almost the similar health benefits that you do from turmeric.

 For instance, experts believe that turmeric can help in improving joint mobility in dogs which can be a good remedy for arthritis and other joint-related issues.

Because of the health benefits of turmeric for dogs, it is not uncommon to find it as an ingredient in some dog foods.

Some supplements may also use turmeric as an ingredient and food manufacturers even use it as an alternative to artificial food color.

But before you jump the gun and order turmeric capsules for your dog, you may want to take some precautionary measures.

 For starters, turmeric may not go down well with all dogs. As with any other food item, some dogs may have an allergic reaction to it.

Also, if your dog is currently on medication, the turmeric may interact with the medicine in an undesired way.

As such, it is best to seek the vet’s opinion before you administer the turmeric capsules. In addition to determining if it is safe, the vet will also help you find the correct dosage for your pup.

The other consideration to make is how easily your dog’s body will utilize turmeric.

Curcumin in turmeric has a low bioavailability, which means the dog’s body will not easily take it up.

The poor absorption of this compound means it will be metabolized rapidly and eliminated from the body before the dog enjoys the benefits.

There are two hacks you can try to improve curcumin’s bioavailability.

First, administer some fatty food together with turmeric.

Another option would be to give your dog piperine together with the turmeric.

Piperine naturally occurs in black pepper and it is believed to increase curcumin’s bioavailability by 2000%

Also, you should do some research before purchasing the supplements to make sure you do not get a raw deal.

The rise in popularity of turmeric has attracted all kinds of players in the industry including unscrupulous vendors who are just out to make a quick buck.

So, do not just trust any brand of turmeric capsule you find. Do some little research to make sure you are actually getting 100% natural turmeric capsules.

Other Ways to Give Your Dog Turmeric

Besides capsules, what other form can you give your dog turmeric?

Well, you can give your pup any of the following types of turmeric:

I. Turmeric Powder

This is the original form of the turmeric spice and it is made by grinding dried turmeric root into an orange powder.

 It is the same spice you use for cooking, so you can reuse it for your dog.

The best way to give turmeric powder to your dog is to incorporate it into your homemade dog recipes.

You could also mix with a little water to make a thick paste, which you can then mix with his food.

II. Turmeric Extract

Just like the powder, the extract is also processed from the dry turmeric root.

However, it is not heat-processed like turmeric powder.

You can use the extract much the same way as the powder, i.e., use it in your homemade recipe or make it into a paste to add to your doggy’s kibble.

III. Turmeric Liquid

Just as the name suggests, turmeric liquid is in liquid form – just like tea or orange juice.

You can mix the turmeric liquid with water your dog drinks or you could also substitute it for turmeric powder when making dog treats.

IV. Turmeric Chews

Turmeric chews come in tablet form that the dog can chew on, hence the name.

Even though it is called a turmeric chew tablet, it typically has other ingredients like ginger.

It is designed to be chewed by your furry baby although it is fine if he decides to swallow it instead.

Vet-Recommended Turmeric for Dogs

We have already established that you can give your pup human turmeric capsules without any issue—but to get the most out of turmeric supplements, we highly recommend options that are specifically formulated for dogs: Vet recommended turmeric for dogs.

Some of the top features of these forms of turmeric are:

  • They are of medicinal quality, which simply means that the qualities of curcuminoid compounds in them are controlled.
  • They have been tested (using DNA & HPTLC, microscopy, macroscopy, etc) and confirmed to be safe for dogs
  • They are fully traceable—with a variety of tests carried on them from the production source to the final products
  • They are from reputable companies and have been grown using responsible practices.

If you decide to opt for these types of turmeric for your dog, here are the best options to consider:

1. PetHonesty Tumeric for Dogs

As aforementioned, the best turmeric for dogs should be from a reputable source or company.

PetHonesty is ranked among the top companies that are committed to producing premium quality ingredients for pets.

You will get the right amount of curcumin and other active ingredients in this turmeric product.

This is the main reason why it comes first in my list of vet-recommended turmeric for dogs.

It is also flavored with a unique pumpkin-coconut taste and will be irresistible to even picky eaters.

2. Amazing Nutritionals Turmeric for Dogs

Another great turmeric option is this turmeric chew from Amazing Nutritionals.

Chews are excellent options if you are looking for turmeric forms that won’t spill on your kitchen counters or if you find it hard to open capsules.

The chews are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities in the US, so you can rest easy knowing that they will be 100% safe for your pup.

Like PetHonesty Turmeric, they are flavored with beef liver and bacon to make them tastier for your dog.  

3. Kangaroo Dogs Liquid Turmeric

This fast-absorbing liquid curcumin is another excellent option if you don’t want to hassle with powders, pills, tablets, pastes, etc.

“Fast absorbing” means that it gets absorbed quickly by your Fido’s body and hence tends to work faster against arthritis and joint inflammation.

Another reason why I really love turmeric for dogs that come in liquid form is the ease of administration—all you need to do is pour it to your pup’s meal (of course based on the recommended dosage).  

And it doesn’t have any form of bitter or weird taste that can discourage your dog from taking his food.

Closing Thoughts

To wrap it up, it is safe to give your dog human turmeric capsules. That’s because turmeric is not toxic to dogs and they can also get to enjoy the many health benefits of this popular herb.

However, do not overdo the turmeric or you will end up with a bigger problem on your hands.

In fact, it is best to choose vet-recommended turmeric for dogs and further consult with your vet before you even start giving turmeric to your dog.

The vet will advise on the right dosage and whether or not it is safe for your furry friend.

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