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125 Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

125 Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Dog lovers obsess about dogs all day long. They think about their dogs while in the shower, eating, travelling, and even using the bathroom. Well, that’s somewhat of an exaggeration but you get the point. To make your gifting process easier, choose a gift from our comprehesive list of the best 125 personalized gifts for dog lovers.

1.DII Bone Dry Storage Bin

Meet all your pet storage needs with this cute and stylish bin that is crafted from authentic, durable materials. The bin has convenient handles thus making it easy to move or transport if needed. It is perfect for storing dry dog treats, toys, collars, leashes and grooming supplies.

2. TOMKAS Small Cat Dog Carrier

Carry your pet in pride with this smaller pet carrier. Designed from ultra-comfortable material, the carrier is secure enough to hold your small, delicate pet safely. The collar pet carrier features 2 reversible sides suitable for hot and cold days alike.

3. Rasta Imposta Unicorn

Seeking to dress your dog in the most magical way? This beautiful, magical costume will definitely fit your dog, especially if he is larger. The costume looks stylish with an attached hood, a mane, and a rainbow horn.

4. IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic

The ceramic drinking fountain gives your dog clean, healthy water throughout. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly and designed from topnotch natural ceramic. Its dual filtration system helps remove debris, pet hair and bad water from your dog’s drinking water.

5. Pet Gear Happy Trails

Want to take your dog with you during your long walks? This pet stroller is designed to let you bring your furry mate with you wherever you go. It can safely carry and protect your dog irrespective of where you go, thanks to its safety features such as waterproof liner, rear brakes, and shock absorbers.

6. USP Pet Soft& Comfy Dog Collar

Present a unique gift to your lovely pet with this high quality and comfortable collar.  The handmade collar is crafted from 100% cotton and boasts heavy-duty hardware. For strength and added durability, it comes with welded D-rings.

7. Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle

Want a comfy snuggle sofa for your beloved dog? This pet snuggle sofa bed is a perfect gift for smaller dog breeds that are fond of curling up while sleeping. The ultra-plush bed is well lifted off the ground hence keeping your dog dirt free.

8. Highwave Auto Dog Mug

This travel mug is potentially your dog’s best companion. Designed to keep your dog hydrated while on the go, it has a removable strap that can be attached to a pack to ensure you have water for Fido all the time.

9. Insect Shield Repellent Bandana

Want to keep your lovely Fido protected from the pesky bugs and other disease-carrying insects? This highly effective insect-repellent bandana features an insect shield, making it perfect for dogs that are used to spending time outdoors.

10. Ebros Realistic Wine Bottle Holder

Searching for a superbly looking and stylish wine bottle holder? This cute, hand-painted holder is derived from a designer composite resin and it is individually polished, making it an attractive birthday gift for your dog.

11. INSHERE Cute Dog Pillow

Keep your lovely mate comfortable with this highly durable throw pillow cover. Designed from exceptionally durable linen material, the pillow cover allows your dog to rest on the car seat, sofa or couch while leaving your home spectacularly decorated in superb color design.

12. Ethical Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave

Wants to give your pet endless hours of comfortable cuddle time or sleep? This pet cave bed is crafted from 100% recyclable fill, and it is perfect for small dogs and cats. Its strong, stylish construction gives your pet a pleasant feeling of security and comfort.

13. Outward Hound Puzzle Toy

Give your dog an engaging and entertaining treat with this advanced puzzle toy. The interactive puzzle toy comes with 6 moving pieces for keeping your dog busy and for redirecting his destructive behaviors.

14. 2-Pack Food Grade Silicone Bone and Dog Paw Molds

Want to prepare some healthy, tasty homemade treats for your dog? These silicone molds are designed to provide the exceptionally high quality treats that your dog deserves. They come with recipe booklets to help you prepare delicious treats for your furry mate.

15. Juvale Dog Butt Magnets

The 6-piece butt magnets are suitable for holding up notes, memos and other vital documents that are exposed to your furry pal. They are beautifully constructed and feature eye-catching designs to create an adorable look in your office or home.

16. The Dogist

Want to give the beloved furry companion in your life an inspiring and funny tribute? This bestselling book features awesome dog portraits that are appealing to every dog lover. It is the perfect gift for any dog lover seeking to explore distinct characters of their furry companions.

17. Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum

Is cleaning pet hair and other forms of dirt associated with pets proving to be a daunting task? This powerful, robot vacuum cleaner is engineered for easy and intuitive cleaning, leaving your floor, tiles, and carpets with absolutely no pet hair or dirt.

18. Corgi Dog Butt Purse

This animal wallet is a perfect gift for corgi lovers. The adorable and cuddly animal wallet comes with additional small paws making it more attractive. The super cute purse is derived from a soft plush fabric and it a suitable for your cards, keys, change, and other smaller items.

19. Simply Charmed Wine Glass Markers

The magnetic wine glass markers make an awesome gift for all dog lovers. They are quite simple to use as you just need to place them on the outside of the glass wine.

20. Pawtastic Padz Drink Coaster

Looking for a thoughtful gift you can present your fellow dog lover? This absorbent drink coaster offers the ultimate furniture protection by preventing stains and water marks from ruining your precious furniture. It is excellent for home, café, office, restaurant or studio, thanks to its highly versatile design.

21. Just Chill’In Dog Gift Basket

Looking forward to giving your furry pal something special? This dog gift basket comes with dozens of pet approved toys to give Fido hours of playing. It also includes other treats such as jerky treats and interactive toys.

22. Jess Rona’s Groomed Hardcover

Want some dog grooming tips from expert dog groomer? This hardcover from comedian and actress, Jess Rona, showcases amazing dog grooming tips. The book features great dog grooming videos, adorable photography, and a doggie makeover section.

23. Funky Junque Baseball Cap

Look good while walking your dog with this adorable cap. Whether you are going on a beach trip or vacation with your pet, this fashionable cap will truly look great on you. It is a great fit since one size fits almost everyone. Crafted from 100% cotton, the hat offers comfort all year round.

24. Norbert’s Little Lessons

This calendar will truly get your day off to a wonderful start. It is an extremely adorable dog therapy with cute dog photos that bring happiness and smiles throughout the year. It also features awesomely inspiring sayings.

25. Embark Dog DNA Test

Understand your dog’s health with this dog DNA test kit. The kit comes with genetic markers for breed identification, and it can run more than 165 health tests on all dog breeds.

26. Weimaraner Calendar 2020

The calendar is a wonderful New Year’s gift for the typical dog lover. It features an amazing collection of different dog breeds that are selected from leading photographers worldwide.

27. Kikkerland Fetch Bottle Opener

Want to pop sodas or beers in style? This adorable opener works perfectly fine. The super cute opener holds up just fine on the bottle tops.  Made from stainless steel 420 and beechwood, the opener is durable and boasts superior quality.

28. Pooch Dog Selfie Accessory

Having difficulty keeping your furry mate still while taking a selfie? This smartphone attachment will change the way you take selfies with your Fido. It works with both rear and front-facing cameras and comes with a squeaker ball for grabbing the attention of your dog.

29. ALLYDREW Insulated Neoprene

Want to carry his lunch in style? This lunch bag zipper is crafted from stretchable, soft and insulated neoprene, making it both functional and fashionable. It is wonderfully designed to keep your pet’s food insulated for hours.

30. Wickedbone Smart Bone

Want to bring his destructive chewing to an end? This interactive toy is crafted solely for aggressive chewers like him. The toy is easy to use, comes with an inbuilt intelligent system for responding to various actions and also have long battery life.

31. Little Dove Teepee Portable Tent

Give your dog a beautifully made home with this portable tent. The creative and cute pet house is a decorative addition to all rooms. It provides a private resting space for pets, and it is great for outdoor and indoor use.

32. Link AKC Smart Collar

The smart collar is designed to help you track your dog’s location and activity. It is durable and waterproof, and it fits your dog’s contours while remaining fashionable.

33. Whistle Location Tracker

This location and health tracker is potentially every pet parent’s best gift.  It offers live location tracking and activity tracking. Its health monitoring features lets you know when your dog is having health issues.

34. Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks

Looking for a fun gift for your dog? These eye-catching plush toys are the perfect training tools that can help your Fido stop his aggressive chewing behavior. The durable toys are designed to keep canines busy throughout.

35. Pearhead Memorial Sentiment Picture Frame

The collar frame makes an awesome gift for virtually all dog parents. Designed from high-quality wood, the frame can be easily adjusted to fit both medium and small-sized dogs. It can be displayed on the desk or mounted on the wall.

36. DII Printed Dish Towels

Keep your kitchen equipment clean and dry using this amazing pet-themed 100% cotton dishtowels. These sets of 3 dishtowels are super absorbent and durable, making them perfect for daily use.

37. ComfyCalm Weighted Blanket

Want to keep your dog warm and stress-free? This weighted high-quality blankets will allow you to cuddle with your dog to help your best friend relieve stress.

38. Aquapaw Pet Bathing Scrubber

Everyone loves a clean dog. This bathing tool is the best way to keep your dog clean while saving on water.

39. BOBS Women Beach Sketchers

Every dog lover must own these top-quality sketchers made from 100% textile. They also come with a comfortable and flexible sole made of synthetic.

40. Pettsie Matching Collar Bow Tie & Owner Bracelet

This is a great gift that every dog lover will definitely love. It features a matching dog bowtie and a bracelet for the owner that will make you and your dog a showstopper.

41. Cara’s Casa Dog Trivet

This accessory is a perfect gift for dog lovers that you can use to protect your beautiful surfaces such as counters and kitchen tables from heat. Besides, it can be a great decorative accessory for walls to compliment your home décor.

42. Wacoii Succulent Planter Pots

Put a smile on someone’s face with this special gift. These unique Wacoii ceramic pots are ideal for displaying plants in your office table or at home.

43. Pretty Puppy Love Eye Shadow Palette

This palette will give you an elegant finish which will leave you looking pawsitively attractive. It contains 6 purely-pigmented shadows that you can easily mix without much experience.

44. Worthy Dog Buffalo Plaid Bow Tie 

There is no better gift for dog lovers to keep their dogs looking smart and stylish than a bow tie. This high-quality tie can fit on all types of collars, and it’s soft and pure to ensure it does not irritate chins and necks.

45. Outward Hound Fun Slow Feeder Bowl

Stop bloating in your dog by promoting slow healthy feeding and improve digestion using this feeder. This vet-recommended feeder made using food-safe material slows the eating speed of your dog by about 10 times.

46. COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl

Don’t leave your dog hungry when on the move. Carry this portable collapsible dog bowl made from safe materials to feed and provide your dog something to drink.

47. Sherpa Travel Airline Approved Dog Carrier

This is a stylish and comfy way to carry your dog when traveling by air or car. Whether for long distances or short distances to your vet, this pet carrier has padded edges for comfort and locking zippers as well as mesh windows that provide extra safety for your pet.

48. Casper Plush Memory Foam Dog Bed

Perfect sleeping foam to keep your dog feeling comfortable with foam bolsters that create an excellent space for laying the head. The foam is created with microfiber to ensure it is durable even for dogs that love to scratch surfaces.

49. Musher’s Dog Paw Protection Wax

Let your dog play with freedom by keeping the dog’s paws protected from hot surfaces like pavements, salty surfaces, ice, and sand using this wax-based cream. The cream also contains vitamin E and other healing properties to heal your dog’s wounds.

50. Sense-ation No-Pull Dog Training Harness

Revolutionize the walks with your dog using this incredible front-leash attachment harness. This comfortable device teaches your dog to walk at your side, making the walks extra enjoyable.

51. How to Speak Dog Language Book

Understanding your dog can be difficult, but not anymore. Get a fun and photographic way of learning your dog’s language and behavior through this book and respond accordingly.

52. Dog Lover Gifts Wine Glass

This novelty wine glass is a perfect gift for dog lovers and ideal for all occasions. The wine glass is sturdy, durable, and reusable, which means you can use it over and over for many years.

53. JW Treat Dispensing Dog Ball

Provide your dog a fantastic playing time with this toy and treat dispenser. Besides staying engaged, the dispenser rewards your dog once the dog removes the treat from the dispenser.

54. Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Donut Cuddler

Take your dog to slumberland with this cozy, flexible cuddler puppy bed ideal for dogs that like to curl up. It’s made from pet-safe material that will give your dog proper rest, thereby improving behavior and overall health.

55. PetSafe Twist ‘n Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Looking for a safe way to challenge and reward your dog? This toy was made for that, as it holds treats that your dog can access as she plays with it.

56. I’m with my dog Mentally T-Shirt

Express your love for your dog with this high-quality T-shirt made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton. This classic fit T-shirt has solid colors, and it depicts a message for your dog that most dog lovers will fall in love with. 

57. Kathy Pawprint Trimmed Box Sign

A perfect gift for dog lovers that you can easily hang on the wall or make it stand on its own. This high-quality 5-inch square wooden display comes with beautiful paw prints on its side to showcase your love for dogs.

58. True Zoo Wine Bottle Stopper

Prolong and preserve your wine after opening the bottle using this dog-shaped silicone top. The top is air-tight and can fit all standard bottles making a perfect gift for anyone who does not always finish their wine the first time.

59. Spotted Zebra Unisex Snug-Fit Cotton Pajama

Have a goodnight’s sleep with these soft pajamas made from organic cotton. The pajamas are an easy stretch and provide you a snug fit keeping you safe as you sleep.

60. Chia Decorative Pottery Planter

These chia planters are perfect gifts for dog lovers. The planters come in a variety of shapes, and can you can watch them grow into beautiful pets in just two weeks.

61. HETOO Dog Teeth Cleaning Toys

Keep your dog’s teeth and jaw clean and healthy using this high-quality dog cleaning tool made in a cactus design that will keep your dog entertained throughout. It’s also made using soft rubber for a fantastic teeth massage and a sweet smell for an enjoyable brushing experience.

62. Xbells Dog DoorBell for Potty

Do you detest aching paws that result from door scratches? This device is your communication solution to allow your dog to express her desires while protecting the dog from any harm to its paws and nails.

63. Yoga Dogs Together 2020

Surprise your fellow dog lovers with this awesome Yoga dog calendar that contains images of dogs in different yoga poses.

64. SwimWays Dog Life Vest

Provide your dog with utmost swimming enjoyment while keeping it safe in the waters using this durable well designed full-body life jacket. With this device, you’ll have peace of mind your dog will be safe even in deep waters.

65. Off-Color Adult Coloring Book

Color your boring days using this off-color book. Full of hilarious dog pics and butts, this coloring book will definitely leave dog lovers in stitches as they color.

66. BarkBox Subscription 

Show love to your dog with these healthy treats and toys that come in different shapes. Its all-natural ingredients and a range of designs from spiky ball squeakers, soft ”n” stretchy rope to crazy crinkles will ensure your dog is active and healthy all year round.

67. EzyDog Micro Flotation Device

Protect your small dog with this ultra-buoyant life jacket while allowing it the experience of swimming without any restrictions. This perfect fit jacket comes with reflective piping for extra night safety.

68. “I work hard for my Dog” Mug

Is there a perfect way to tell your story than using a funny mug 11OZ? This mug allows you to relay a lasting message about your dog or loved one as a gift on their big day.

69. Dog Days Cotton Chef’s Apron

Protect your body and clothes from stains when cooking using this comfortable apron with a great design for dog lovers. Besides, its front pocket will ensure you have cooking essential like recipe cards are at your disposal.

70. FANKANG Storage Bins

Looking for a place to store your dog toys? This durable multipurpose storage bin can serve you well by storing your dog’s favorite toy at home or when on transit.

71. The Art of Racing in the Rain

Very few books know how to tell a life story from a dog’s perspective. This gripping and emotional novel is a perfect gift for just about any passionate dog lover.

72. Thoughts of Dog 2020 Calendar

Want to constantly remind a dog lover about the bond they share with their dog? Get them this ridiculously attractive doggy calendar by Matt Nelson.

73. Doggie Dooley Pet-Waste Disposal System

Looking for a convenient, neat and most importantly, eco-friendly way to dispose of a dog’s waste? This non-toxic, beauty was designed with a dog lover mind.

74. WildCow Emergency First Aid Kit for Pets

Made to handle emergencies, survival, and disaster, this pet first aid kit comes in handy when a dog is out in the wild.

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75. SportDOG Locator Beacons

Some dogs are just too energetic to be contained. If this fits your buddy’s dog, simply get them this effective long-range dog collar for easy tracking of his dog at night.

76. K9 Sport Dog Carrier Backpack

Extremely convenient, breathable, comfortable, safe, and easy to carry are some of the features of this dog carrier. Why leave a dog behind when you carry her with you everywhere?

77. Chuckit! Sport Dog Ball Thrower

It is super hard to play fetch with an extremely energetic dog. How about utilizing this toy for better throws and more bouncy effects?

78. PetPeek Fence Window 

For dogs with too much curiosity to carry around, this PetPeek fence window does wonders to keep them contained. It certainly brings an end to jumping over confined fences.

79. Pack-16 Pretty Refrigerator Magnets

Again, if you know a dog lover with a huge sense of dog style/fashion, grab these gorgeous and vibrant dog magnets and stick them all over their refrigerator.

80. Pearhead Keepsake Ornaments 

Nothing beats the sight of a dog’s paw printed on white clay and wrapped in a beautiful red ribbon. It is a lasting keepsake for all dog lovers.

81. RUFFWEAR Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest

Want a doggie cooling vest that effectively protects a dog from extreme elements? This one has everything right: maximum shade, three-layer cooling, and reflective trim – it simply works!

82. 2020 Pooping Pooches Gift Calendar

This perfect Christmas gift, complete with dogs pooping, is definitely a wonderful gift idea for anyone who loves his dog way too much and has a sense of humor.

83. RUFFWEAR – Approach Pack

Complete with external gear loops and stash pockets, the Ruffwear approach pack is the ultimate dog pack with great fit, functionality, and performance.

84. Midlee Christmas Reindeer Antlers

Cute dog costumes are hard to come by which means that if you buy a doggie lover these wonderful reindeer ears antlers, you’ll have scored high.

85. SMALLLEE_LUCKY Plaid Shirt with Khaki Pants

There’s nothing cuter than a pup dressed in a fashionable Sweater with Khaki Jumpsuit. It is so modern, warm, and classy for just about any pup.

86. GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

A dog owners’ worst nightmare is to lose his furry friend. This is why a nice, soft, breathable collar makes for a wonderful gift for a dog lover.

87. Hurricane Fur Wizard Pet Hair Remover 

This pet remover doubles up as a pet hair remover and upholstery cleaner. Frankly, no dog lover can resist such a thoughtful gift.

88. Seresto Flea and Tick Dog Collar

This vet-recommended, Seresto collar is handy when preventing a dog against tick and flea infestation. Don’t worry; it is non-greasy, odorless, convenient, and neat.

89. Custom Face Stickers

Show appreciation for your Fido by sticking custom stickers of your furry mate on your face. These stickers are printed with waterproof inks making them durable. The stickers also come in a variety of sizes.

90. Colorfulhouse Cute Bone

Give Fido something special this winter with this pet snow boots. Made from rubber and Sherpa material, these boots are a favorite selection for small dogs and puppies alike. They come with multiple colors for pet parents to select the color that best matches their pet.

91. Kurgo Dog Harness

Want to shoot video from your furry friend’s perspective? This dog harness comes with a mounting plate to enable you mount a camera to your pet’s chest or back, ensuring the camera catches every part of the action.

92. NiteIze PLSBM-01-R3 S-Biner

Are you frustrated by split rings? This durable stainless steel taglock helps you attach your dog’s tags in seconds. It is nicely built for ensuring your dog’s tags are attached securely.

93. DJANGO Dog Carry Bag

Searching for a pet carry bag that is designed to facilitate your dog’s daily commute? This dog carry bag is waxed and comes with a protection layer to protect your dog from moisture and rain. Its leather handles are soft and designed for maximum carrying comfort.

94. Furbo Dog Camera

Discover the secret life of your furry friend with this high-quality dog camera.  The camera is designed to keep your dog safe all the time, thanks to its cloud recording videos and real-time smart alert feature.

95. The Other End of The Leash

Want to understand the unique relationship between dogs and humans? This book authored by a renowned animal behaviorist, Patricia McConnell,  is a must-read for every dog parent seeking lessons on dog training. It comprehensively covers behavioral problems associated with dogs.

96. 51 Puppy Tricks

The dog-training book will ultimately give your Fido a head start. It equips you with handy tools to assist you teach your dog essential skills, fantastic tricks, and helpful behaviors.

97. Ysense Women’s Animal Socks

These cute animal socks make a great gift for ladies, moms, and all women. The socks are made using high-quality cotton. They are breathable, super soft, and available in multiple sizes.

98. Pet Pouch Hoodie

The hoodie is the perfect gift for small animal lovers. The fashionable hoodie doubles as a pet carrier and a purse. Its hidden side pockets are ideal for carrying pet treats for Fido.

99. BarkBox Supersized

Enhance your dog’s active lifestyle with this cute toy. Designed for aggressive chewers, the toy is long-lasting and especially great for large canines. The dog-friendly toy comes with a bag of treats to make playtime rewarding for Fido.

100. Anti-Barking Device

Want to bring your dog’s annoying barking to an end? This versatile anti-barking device deters him from barking. It detects barking and suppresses high-pitched sounds prompting him to stop barking.

101. Kuoser Cozy Dog Jacket

Keep Fido warm during winter with this stylish waterproof dog jacket. Designed creatively with an exquisite stitching, the jacket is crafted to fit your dog while keeping him pleasantly warm and comfortable.

102. DexasMudBuster Dog Paw Cleaner

The innovative paw cleaner offers an easy way to clean your furry friend’s dirty paws. The paw cleaner features gentle silicone bristles designed to gently clean mud and dirt from your pet’s paw. The easy to use cleaner is perfect for medium-sized dogs.

103. Devoted: Extraordinary Tales of Love

This book is a heartwarming gift for dog lovers. It covers the most exciting stories of dog rescues and amazing dogs that can surf, save lives and detect cancer. The fascinating book also has a collection of quality dog photos and inspiring dog stories.

104. ABZO Pet Dog Umbrella

The transparent umbrella is a crucial rain gear for small-sized pets. It is designed to keep your pet dry and clean. The durable umbrella is stylish and functional, with a longer handle that makes it comfortable.

105. Throw the Damn Ball

The poetry book is the real deal for dog lovers who love literature. It features a hilarious collection of dog poems.  The poems in this book highlights dogs’ fascinating brilliance and hidden wits.

106. Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium

The beautifully crafted pen offers a pleasant alternative to typical dog crates. It boasts pleasing aesthetic, unobstructed views. It leaves plenty of space for your pet to move around.

107. Paladone Pug Tape Measure

This cute pug tape measure is a brilliant and functional gift for dog lovers. It is awesomely designed for all household measuring tasks. It is outstanding style and shape makes it a beautiful addition to any sideboard, shelf or desk.

108. Blueberry Pet 15 patterns

This collection of sweaters makes an exceptional Christmas gift for pets. The soft and comfortable sweaters are made from 100% acrylic material. Their timeless classic turtleneck design makes them outstanding and fashionable.

109. Idepet Cotton Adidog

Want to keep your dog warm in style? This collection of fashionable clothes are designed to make your large pet look amazing and fashionable. Available in dozens of colors, you can pick the perfect color and most stylish color for your pet.

110. Pearhead Pet Ornament

Want to cherish your dog’s print forever? This pet ornament offers a smart way to do precisely that. The cute ornament comes with a gift box and it can perfectly match your pet’s body color.

111. Pug Pen Holder and Bone Pen

The pen holder is one of the most hilarious gifts that lots of dog parents will ultimately appreciate. The captivating and useful pen holder is versatile for virtually any décor irrespective of the color scheme. It a wonderful addition to any desk.

112. Youfui Cute Dog Flowerpot

The ornament is a funny gift for pet enthusiasts. It is an awesome addition to any office desk, and it can make your desk stand out. It is perfect for decorative candles, cacti, and mini succulents.

113. Pup to Go Dispenser

The dispenser is a crafty gift for all pet lovers. It is also a unique desk accessory, thanks to its quirky bun design. The doggie-inspired dispenser makes a hilarious gift that is both adorable and unique.

114. Outward Hound Interactive Toy

The interactive toy guarantees your dog quality playtime. Besides providing physical and mental exercise for your furry friend, the toy also challenges him to develop problem-solving skills. It comes in 4 different sizes making it perfect for any dog size.

115. BSEEN Led Dog Collar

Keep your beloved dog safe with this LED glowing and safety dog collar. The dog collar can be adjusted easily to fit your dog irrespective of his size. It is bright and can be located easily at night, helping you know where your Fido is.

116. Sleepypod Air in-Cabin Carrier

Searching for an innovative way to carry your pet? This revolutionary pet carrier is designed for various pet travel needs. It can easily fit under the plane seat, while providing great comfort to your pet.

117. Kurgo Car Dog Harness/Seatbelt

Give your dog a comfortable, safe and smooth road trip with this vehicle safety harness. It features an innovative design that is DOT-approved and crash-tested as per the industry standards. It integrates seamlessly with the car seat.

118. Paper Clips Dog Loves

The doggie-inspired paper clips are perfect as office or Christmas gift. They boast a lovely and cute design, and they work awesomely with calendar markers, scrapbooks, and notebooks. The shine-looking clips come with a durable steel storage box.

119. Brown Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Make your dog stand out with this dinosaur-inspired dog costume. The foam-padded costume comes with spikey tail and spinal plates making it a special outfit for your dog. It fits well around your dog’s body, making it quite comfortable.

120. Fashion pet Dog Raincoat

Protect your furry companion from rainy weather and cold with this ultra-comfortable raincoat. Beautifully designed in stylish yellow color, the raincoat comes with a full-coverage hood and innovative safety reflective stripes to keep your dog safe when he is outdoors.

121. 10 Dog All-Occasion Note Cards

Reveal the love you have for the people in your life with these doggie-inspired greeting cards. They feature uplifting and motivating words of encouragement. These cards will help you convey the message you have for your friends and family in style.

122. Barksbar Original Pet Cover

Keep your car seat protected from pet spills, dirt and hair with this quality pet seat cover. The waterproof cover is made from durable and heavy-duty waterproof polyester. It is designed for trucks, cars, and SUVs seats.

123. Nostalgia Electrics Doggie Biscuit Maker

Treat your lovely pet to healthy, delicious biscuits with this topnotch biscuit maker. It features 6 biscuit cutters, a decorating set, and a nonstick cooking surface designed for easy cooking.

124. Bissell Portable Dog Bath

One of the most important things to a dog lover is the cleanliness of his or her dog. This 2-in-1 portable dog wash system can be used to wash your pooch in any room and with minimal mess.

125. FreshStart Hands-Free Dog Walking Belt

Final Thoughts

See, it isn’t really hard to shop for a dog lover, is it? The trick is, get them a gift that will make their dog happy and you’ll have nailed it. Hopefully, you have found a suitable from our personalized gifts for dog lovers list. Best of luck!