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10 Dog Breeds that Bury Bones

10 Dog Breeds that Bury Bones

So you just watched your adorable pooch dig up the garden and bury his bone. You can’t help but wonder what causes the behavior. Typically, burying bones comes naturally to a majority of canines. Back in the day, food wasn’t as abundant as it is today. Dogs had to create strategies to survive in the wild when food was scarce. Often, this meant stashing food deep in the ground where other pack members wouldn’t get a hold of it. The ground was the preferred spot as it kept food fresh for longer while being out of sight. Although all dogs can develop the habit of burying bones from time to time, certain breeds are certainly predisposed to the behavior. Here’s a rundown of the top ten leading dog breeds that bury bone:

1. Dachshund

Dachshunds are great hunting and tracking dogs. They were bred to burrow deep into the ground in search of small game including rodents, badgers, and rats. To date, they love a good hunt involving tracking down prey for long periods of time. A quick look at their physiques and you will know this breed loves to dig. They can dig to stash their bones or just for fun. When they are handed bones and other doggie treats, it is not a surprise that they will end up at the garden—deep in the earth of course. It is just in their nature to dig and hide food anywhere and everywhere.

2. Beagle


The next dog breed that loves to bury bones is none other than the Beagle. Like the Dachshund, this breed is a scent-hound. What this means is that he loves following scents around the home and beyond. If you own one, you might have noticed his immense passion for digging and burying things. Sometimes, he does that when he’s teething, looking for attention, or just out of boredom. To discourage the behavior, consider giving him treats that he can consume completely.

3. Bedlington Terrier

Terriers, in general, are notorious for stashing their food away. The word “terrier” literally means “earth dog” in Latin, so you bet these canines were made for the ground. The Bedlington terrier is the leader of the pack with great digging and burying skills. Don’t let his lamb-like body fool you; this bad boy can dog like the pros. Bred to hunt in mines, his capacity to burrow the earth and bury his food will blow your mind. After chewing his raw bones, he is likely to keep them away from everyone’s sight by digging a hole in the backyard and hiding it there.

4. Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is a tiny dog with a big personality. He is adorable, outgoing, and deeply affectionate. However, beyond that sweet and innocent face is a curious and adventurous pup that loves getting into trouble. If they don’t get enough exercise, digging almost always follows. Besides digging to kill time and enjoy some fun, he loves to store food in his holes as well. If you see him grabbing his bone and heading into the garden or the backyard, chances are he’s gone to bury it.

5. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are scent-driven creatures, ardent diggers, and food hoarders. It started a while back when his main responsibility was to hunt badgers and rodents deep in the ground. Their small and low-to-the-ground size makes them excellent diggers. Some still stick to the behavior of hoarding food especially if it’s abundant. According to them, hiding some to be eaten later is a natural and prudent way of living.

6. Cairn Terrier

The Cairn terrier is the second member of the terrier family famous for burying his chew treats. This silly but cute breed loves to steal food and hide them somewhere in the house or the yard. Corners are the most likely of places after which they will cover them using rugs and carpets. If he realizes that you’ve found his stash, he will dig it up and find a new place to bury it. Reprimanding him is so hard since you will find the whole behavior hilarious and interesting. Plus, he’s too cute and sweet to be reprimanded.

7. Siberian Husky

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This cute medium-sized dog also loves to dig up holes and bury his bones in them. He’s mainly known for being a true escape artist. If you have a weak or non-existent yard, expect your boy to wander around for long periods of time. Since he loves to dig, chances are he might have gone to look for the perfect hiding spot for his treats.

8. Australian Shepherd

If you have an Aussie at home, you might have noticed burying behavior already. Perhaps you came home to find bones under a pile of dirt in your garden or at the bottom of the laundry basket. Digging and burying stuff is a natural instinct for him. Sometimes he does it to store food for later as his ancestors did. Other times, he does it to have a sense of fulfillment as a working dog. Either way, the Aussie loves to hide food.

9. Malamute

The Alaskan malamute is a genuine thing of beauty. As a sled dog, this breed features a beautiful thick double coat to shield him from the adverse weather. His love for burying food came about as a result of living in areas where getting food was a real problem. These dogs hunted in packs and when one killed something, the rest of the pack members would finish everything off in a heartbeat. Other times, the kill was too much to be cleared in one sitting. The solution? Burry the carcass for later.

10. Border Collie

Last but not least, we have the Border collie as another breed that is prone to burying his bones. This is an excellent herder who’d watch livestock all day long without needing breaks. Hunting also comes naturally to him. Part of his hunting instinct is digging up holes in the ground with the hope of finding rodents and other tiny animals. When they want to hide their bones away, expect him to bury them somewhere in the yard or the house.

Dog Breeds that Bury Bones: Final Thoughts

It can be unsettling to see a dog who has plenty of food hide some. However, don’t be too concerned; the behavior has been passed down through generations. As long as your pet doesn’t overdo the burying, you are better off ignoring it altogether.

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