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10 Best High-Velocity Dog Dryers

10 Best High-Velocity Dog Dryers

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Dogs love to play with water. They love swimming in the lake, playing Fetch in wet conditions, running in the rain, you name it. As a responsible pet parent, you should let your dog enjoy being in the water as much as you can. Simply invest in tools that will dry him up afterward. One such tool is a quality high-velocity dog dryer. After baths or swimming exercises, this will help you expertly dry your pup. It has great safety and functional features that make the job efficient and convenient for you.

What Is A High-Velocity Dog Dryer?

High velocity dryer, blasters, or forced-air dryers are dog dryers that are designed to blow larger volumes of air at a faster rate to get the dog as dry as possible within a shorter period. They are often used for getting excess water out of pets’ coats or removing loose hair from undercoats.

One common hurdle most groomers face is getting the coats of double-coated or long haired breeds dry fast. This is where high-velocity dog dryers come in handy. Unlike other conventional types of dog dryers, high velocity options are powerful and directional, meaning that they allow for rapid drying of each section of your pup’s body. So, these types of dryers allow groomers to keep their grooming schedules moving smoothly by ensuring that their dogs stay warm and comfortable and ensuring that their grooming cuts dry as they intended.

It is also worth mentioning that high-velocity dryers don’t actually dry your dogs coat but relies on the sheer force to produce rapid drying effects. Most of them, therefore, lack heating elements or coils. However, some brands come with heating units but it is not advisable to use the functionality as having that powerful hot hair flying at your pup’s body can cause serious health issues. In fact, when using these dryers, it is also advisable to avoid getting the nozzle around sensitive areas like ears, eyes, nose, etc.

Benefits of High Velocity Dog Dryers

Here are some of the reasons why you should include a high-velocity dryer in your grooming arsenal:

  • Safety: Considering that most high-velocity dryers lack heating units, there is no risk of accidentally burning your pup’s skin when drying. These dryers also allow you to see the skin of your dog to make sure that all the water has dried. With other types of dryers, it can be a challenge to figure out whether your dog’s undercoat is dry, increasing risks of injury.
  • Fast and Efficient: Whether your dog has a double coat or thick, long coat, high-velocity dryer will remove all the water fast and efficiently.
  • Dry All Types Of Coats: These dryers work for all types of coats, so you don’t have to get another dryer if you own multiple dogs with varying coat types and thickness.
  • Removes Loose Hair: A high velocity hair is excellent for removing loose hair from undercoat, matts, and tangles.

Best High-Velocity Dog Dryers: Our Top 10 Picks

Choosing a dog dryer for the first time can be confusing but to make your work easier, we’ve compared all the options in the market right now—from entry-level brands to the priciest professional options—and came up with the best 10:

1. Flying One High Velocity Dog Dryer

First up, we have this robust high-velocity blower from the popular Flying Pig Pet Grooming Store. It clinches the number one spot because of its impressive horsepower. If you have a large canine buddy at home or several of them, this dryer is an excellent choice to own. It is fitted with a powerful motor to make grooming easy and fast. The hose is 10 feet long, meaning you have plenty of room to drag it around. Simply have your pups standing and let the dryer do its job to perfection. The speed is adjustable and goes up to 240 CFM, so you can choose the best setting for your needs.

This sleek dryer also has the no-heat feature that proves beneficial when you want to gently dry your adorable pup with sensitive skin. On the other hand, when the ambient temperature is low, the heater can release heat energy of up to 160F so you can warm your baby up. Other attractive features of this product include a noiseless engine, a hard-wearing steel body, and the availability of two nozzles and filters. 

2. Shernbao High-Velocity Professional Dog Grooming Dryer

Save time while drying your cute pet and make the session happy for him utilizing this professional dryer from Shernbao. It is fitted with a feature that gives him a gentle and smooth massage that will make him feel relaxed and happy after his bath. Apart from the actual drying, this product can eliminate loose hair, dander, and trapped dirt from your pup’s fur. To use it, turn on the blower’s dry air wash feature. Since it comes with variable speeds, you can easily regulate the flow of air based on the size of your fur baby and the thickness of his coat.

3. CHAOLUN High-Velocity Dog Blow Dryer

With a power output of up to 2800MW, the CHAOLUN High-Velocity Dog Dryer is another fantastic grooming product to have. The speed is totally adjustable, so you pick the right one befitting your dog. You can also switch between cold and warm temperature settings depending on your pup’s needs. The construction is also quite delightful. To reduce noise, the metal case is thickened. The heat insulation also helps bring the noise down and absorb shock. The blower boasts three nozzles to be utilized for different parts of the pet.

4.  SHELANDY 3.2HP Pet Hair Force Dog Dryer

When looking for a quality high-velocity dryer for you Fido, noise is a big factor. You certainly don’t want a product that will jolt your dog. Thankfully, this dog grooming blower from SHELANDY scores high when it comes to quietness. It has a total of four noise-canceling technology layers among other noise control measures. No matter the speed and horsepower, this blower will not be overbearing as much as noise is concerned. It also features four nozzles of varying shapes and sizes to efficiently dry your pet easily and as fast as possible. Feel free to switch from one nozzle to another depending on the weather, the moisture content on your dog’s skin, and the size of your pet.

5.  K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer

The K-9 III Dog Grooming Dyer is a rather pricey product and for good reason. It really is one of the best professional dog dryers available today. It comes with a pair of motors and you bet its power is excellent. If you own a pet with a tough coat, this blower will help you dry his coat with minimal effort and time. It is completely adjustable meaning you can modify it to lower power output and speed if you are grooming a smaller pet. However, if your dog’s skin is overly sensitive, you might want to purchase a smaller dryer for him. Finally, this product is sturdy and is available in a number of beautiful colors.

6.  My Pet Command 110V High-Velocity Dog Hair Dryer

Why spend a pretty penny on high-priced grooming services when you can get yourself this affordable and valuable dog dryer from My Pet Command? No doubt, this blower has all the features a functional high-velocity dog dryer should have. The hose measures 7.7ft long with a power cord of up to 7.6 ft long. This means you can access power from a long distance for an effective grooming experience. What’s more, this unit uses a quiet Start motor and is perfect for nervous pets. Thanks to the overall temperature control and modifiable wind airflow, the tool is safe for all dog sizes.

7.  AIIYME 3200W/4.3HP Dog Dryer

AIIYME Dog Dryer is yet another silent blower. If you are tired of noisy products in the market, consider buying this one. The noise level is under 50db and will not freak your pet out. The blower features an adjustable temperature ranging from 350C – 700C and speeds of 35M/S to 75M/S. With the right settings, you can lessen the drying time by 60% in comparison to handheld dryers. The hose extends to a length of 78 inches, making it convenient to use. It features four different nozzles, a thick hose, and an anti-slip bottom.

8.  Metro Vacuum Air Force Commander High-Velocity Dog Dryer

A dog with a compact coat requires a blower with sufficient horsepower to enter the deep layers of fur. The Metro Vacuum Air Force Commander is planned with such a dog in mind. It is designed to blow in both horizontal and vertical directions. This lets you use space to your advantage. With such a high-power output, this tool makes drying an easy and fast exercise. It is also transportable and compacted and comes with practical and useful accessories. The only shortcoming is that the motor is quite noisy. If you own a panicky dog, you might want to try other options.

9.  Homend Pet Dog Grooming Dryer/Blower

The efficient design of the Homend Pet Grooming Dryer makes it an exceptional tool for drying dogs with lots of fur on them. It has a set of two motors to make it possible to groom a furry dog in record time. The dryer’s blowing force of 1040g and a maximum power of 2900W also lessens drying time greatly. With two switches fitted on the blower, accidents can be averted during grooming. Finally, using this blower means saying yes to minimal noise thanks to its noise level of 70-80db.

10. Amzdeal 2800W/3.8HP Dog Grooming Blower/Dryer

Give your dog a professional drying session with the Armzdeal Pet Dog Grooming Dryer. The speed ranges from 45M/S to 68M/S and the temperature from 300C to 600C. Both are fully adjustable, so you can find the right choice to get the best settings for your dog. There are four nozzles at your disposal. Choose the one depending on the size of your pup and the body part in question. That’s not all; the blower’s hose extends up to 7 feet for convenience. With a noise level of 78db or less, you are guaranteed minimal noise that won’t fright your dog. Finally, we love the insulation sleeve of the dryer as it ensures your hands are not hurt when using it.

How to Choose the Best High-Velocity Dog Dryer

Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a high-velocity dryer for your dog:

Air Speed

Check for two parameters: cubic feet per minute (CFM) and Feet per minute (FBM). CFM denotes the air volume that the dryer can produce while FBM indicates the speed of airflow that the dryer produces. The higher the CPM and FBM values the more air and faster the dryer pushes out air. For double coated breeds or dogs with long, thicker coats, choose a dryer with higher CFM and FBM values, otherwise your pup’s coat won’t dry effectively.  

We also recommend high velocity dryers with variable speed capabilities. They allow you to dial up air volume incrementally so that it is just right for every section of your dog’s coat.

Material of Construction

Choose a dryer with high-quality materials of construction that can hold up to your usage.

  • Avoid brands that are constructed with flimsy plastic bodies and always think about your dog’s behavior. If you own an aggressive dog, for instance, there are high chances that you will be dropping the dryer from time to time while using it. A dryer with flimsy plastic may never withstand the impact.
  • High-velocity dryers that are made with stainless steel, aluminum, or powdered coated steel casings are sturdier, durable, and can survive accidental falls. But they may be noisier as they tend to amplify the sound of the motor.
  • Check for joints and attachments. Go for options that are constructed with heat-resistant metal alloys because they are durable than those made of plastic.

Noise Level

Some dogs get frightened by the noise that dryers produce. If your pup falls in that group, choose a dryer that is as quiet as possible. There is no high-velocity dog dryer that is noiseless but look for options that come with extra features that can minimize the noise like insulated body or adjustable airspeed.  

Nozzles and Hoses

The best dryers are those that are made with quality, BPA-free plastic hoses and nozzles with corrosion protection coatings. Check for nozzle of the dryer you plan to purchase for sturdiness as well. If the nozzle is not sturdy enough to withstand the high pressure that the dryer will be throwing out, it may fall apart while in use, which is risky to you and your dog.

Longer hoses will allow you to get air where you need it most with ease. In particular, if own large dog breeds, a longer hose (of 8-10ft) will make your work easier than a shorter hose. However, longer hoses cost more and are a bit cumbersome to store.

Ease-of-use and Storage

Like most doggie appliances, dog dryers come in a variety of size and shapes. Some models are smaller, more portable, and others are bulky and include longer hoses. Dryers that are constructed with metal casings, for instance, can be heavier than their polycarbonate or ABS plastic counterparts.  Choose what suits your pup, your preferences, and space/storage needs.

Power Cord

A dog dryer has high wattage, so we don’t recommend using it with an extension cord. Choose an option with a reliable, fire-retardant, 6-8 ft long power cable. If possible, choose high velocity dryers for dog with CE/ETL-Safety certified operation rating.  

Easy to clean

Over time, your dog dryer will become clogged with dog hair and dust, so it important to choose a brand that is easy to clean or change its air filters without using complex tools. A dryer with uncomplicated filter detachment procedure is highly recommend because if it is not, you are going to find it hard to put it back together.


A dog dryer is a must-have for virtually all dog parents. It offers great benefits for your dog’s health, happiness, and your own convenience. A high-velocity dog dryer specifically cuts down drying time by more than half. If you want to change your grooming sessions, be sure to invest in one.