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Awesome Treat Items

Best Dog Toys You Can Put Peanut Butter in

15 Best Dog Toys You Can Put Peanut Butter in

Besides being a sweet inclusion to your dog’s diet, peanut butter treats have been shown to bring in significant health benefits. Peanut butter is a potent source of proteins and contains vitamins, niacin, and healthy...

15 Best Chew Proof Dog Blankets for Heavy Chewers

Is your dog chewing almost everything he encounters? Then it is certainly difficult to buy a comfy blanket or bed for him since he will eventually shred it into pieces. After all,...
Dog Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On

Canines are notorious for answering the call of nature in the most inappropriate places (the flower garden, live fence, yard, wall, your neighbor’s lawn, etc.). If you have a dog, you are familiar with the...
store-bought bone broth for dogs

8 Best Store-Bought Bone Broth for Dogs (plus Easy Homemade Recipes)

Every season, there is one or two trends that dog owners seem to focus on more than usual. For instance, over the past few years, people have asked a lot of questions...
Freezable Teething Toys for Puppies

Top 10 Freezable Teething Toys for Puppies

The puppy teething stage is very tricky for pet owners. Since teething is painful, your puppy will try to reduce the discomfort of his sore gums by chewing anything that he can...
Tick Spray for Yard Safe for Pets

5 Best Tick Sprays for Yard (Safe for Pets)

Ticks are not only gross but they are horrible disease-carriers. To safeguard the health of your family members including your pets, spraying the yard with a pet-safe flea and tick yard treatment...
dog bowls for long-eared dogs

8 Dog Bowls for Dogs with Long Ears

If you own beagles, cocker spaniels, hounds, pit bull terriers or labs, probably you fell in love with their beautiful, ultra-velvety floppy ears. However, like everything else in life, these cute ears...
Best Luxating Patella Dog Supplements

12 Best Luxating Patella Dog Supplements

Patella luxation is no strange condition in dogs. It is a cause for several issues such as pain, inflammation, and ligament tears. Thankfully, there are strategies you can implement to help your furry friend with...
Dog Dental Chews for Sensitive Stomachs

8 Best Dog Dental Chews for Sensitive Stomachs

Dog dental chews have become very popular over the past few years because dog parents are looking for convenient ways to keep their pups’ teeth clean and healthy. The chews are famed...

17 Safe Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

Dogs have a natural urge to chew. If you don't get your dog a good chew, the dog may end up chewing your sofa, furniture, or other valuable items at home. When your...

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