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Heavy Duty Dog Crates for Separation Anxiety

8 Heavy Duty Dog Crates for Separation Anxiety

Crating is one of the best methods of dealing with separation anxiety in dogs. A crate offers a cozy den for a dog and can provide anxiety relief for even the most...
Best Goggles for Pugs

12 Best Goggles for Pugs

Contrary to common belief, dogs need goggles just as much as humans do—perhaps even more. Bright sunlight can injure their vision and worse, cause eye problems in the long term. Short-haired breeds...
Bunk Beds for Dogs

12 Bunk Beds for Dogs (Recommended for Multi-dog Households)

A dog is truly a man’s best friend. From the undying loyalty to the endless cuddles and companionship, it is no wonder some people want more than one dog for a pet....
Dog Barriers for Subaru Outback

12 Best Dog Barriers for Subaru Outback

While there are a plethora of car models that families with pets can use during travels, the Subaru Outback seems to be an absolute favorite mainly because of space. With a large...
Best Washable Dog Pee Pads

15 Best Washable Dog Pee Pads

Housetraining is hands down the most challenging aspect of pet ownership. You deserve all the help you can get to move things along smoothly. One of the tools that can make the...
Calming Spray for Dogs

8 Best Calming Spray for Dogs

Under stressful situations, dogs can turn into ugly creatures. As a way to channel their frustration, they often pick up behaviors such as aggressive chewing, barking, restlessness, scratching, and even vomiting. You...
Best Potty Training Spray for Dogs

7 Best Potty Training Sprays for Dogs

Potty training a puppy is no mean feat. One of the most challenging things throughout the process is actually getting your pup to relieve himself at the right spot. Most people give...
Best Stool Eating Deterrent for Dogs

10 Best Stool Eating Deterrents for Dogs

Stool eating behavior or Coprophagia is common with a number of dogs. If you have witnessed your lovely pup picking after his stool and feasting on it, you are not alone. It...
Heating Pad for Dogs with Arthritis

Best Heating Pad for Dogs with Arthritis

Arthritis and cold weather are like oil and water. When temperatures drop, joint pain soars. If you have an arthritic dog, you might want to look into heat therapy to help him...
No Marking Spray for Dogs

6 Best No Marking Sprays for Dogs

Urine marking, which is essentially a territorial behavior, can be a frustrating habit for dog parents. Although it is normal behavior, it can be a little baffling for a dog to urine...

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