10 Best Weight Pulling Harness for Dogs

Weight Pulling Harness for Dogs

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Dog weight pulling is not only a champion sport that’s recognized by many kennel clubs and canine associations across the globe but also an incredible way to bond with your dog. It involves attaching one end of a special harness to your dog and tethering the other to a cart with wheels. The goal is to coach the dog to use his body strength to pull the load, usually a couple of concrete, bricks, or a car tire.

While some dog lovers deem the activity to be cruel and inappropriate, weight pulling for dogs can have several benefits when done the right way, including:

  • It ensures that your dog gets the exercise he needs in a way that takes much less time from you and without a lot of investment in terms of money and equipment.
  • It is excellent for building lean and healthy muscles in dogs. Other exercises like running, jogging, or swimming are majorly cardiovascular in nature and don’t stimulate muscle growth to a level that weight pulling does. Weight pulling is great for muscle growth because it allows you to add resistance (or load) over time, triggering new muscle growth in your dog.   
  • Weight pulling is also great for strengthening the owner-dog bond. You’ll be your dog’s coach during the weight pulling sessions, encouraging him and congratulating him until he finishes a milestone or reaches the finish line. Put simply, the two of you will work as a team, which boots a greater sense of trust and friendship.

To ensure the safety of your dog during weight pulling sessions, you need to get him a specially constructed harness, which can hold his body in a manner that minimizes the risk of injuries or potential physical damage. Here is a list of the top 10 weight pulling harnesses for dogs that will ensure that your newest bonding adventure with your canine friend is successful.

Weight Pulling Harness for Dogs: Our Top Picks

1. Dogs My Love Weight Pulling Sledding Dog Harness

Whether you are looking for a weight pulling harness for dogs or a dog harness for pulling sled, this harness from Dogs My Love has you covered because the manufacturers have integrated all the vital aspects of a good harness for the two activities: comfort, durability, and functionality. It features extended chest plate padding and X-back style for maximum comfort and performance. In particular, X-back design distributes the pulling force across your dog’s body, preventing potential back injuries. The harness is also light-weight and constructed with high-quality nylon webbing that’s moisture and ice-resistant. It comes in 5 different sizes—from small to extra large—allowing you to choose what fits your dog breed.

2. PET ARTIST Dog Weight Pulling Harnesses for Large Work Dogs

For a weight pulling harness that is designed to help you grow your dog’s muscles, this is one of the best in the market. It is padded with wide chest straps to ensure that your dog’s neck area doesn’t get hurt while pulling. Like the previous harness, it features the X-back style to distribute the pulling force evenly across your dog’s body. It is designed for large dogs with around 31.5 inches neck circumference—think of American Bully, Rottweiler, Alaskan Malamute, Boxers, Siberian Huskies, American Pit Bull Terrier, and other large breeds. The product is also made of durable 50mm nylon webbing material to withstand extreme weather elements. There is also a 100% quality guarantee against this harness, so you can always return it and get your money back if you are not satisfied with its features or performance.  

3. Neewa Sled Pro Dog Pulling Harness, Harness

Neewa Sled Pro Dog Pulling harness is not only designed for sled pulling but also for all dog pulling activities you can think of—from weight pulling, canicross, dog trekking, bikejoring, to skijoring. One feature that makes it ideal for all those pulling activities is durability. It is made of polypropene material, which is extremely durable and can withstand even extreme weather conditions. For extra comfort of your dog while pulling, the harness comes with padding on the chest, rib cage, and shoulder area. Like the previous tow harnesses, it features X-back construction to ensure even distribution of the pulling force on your dog’s back down to the legs. Other features that we loved in this pulling dog harness include the fact that it is made with non-allergic materials and that it comes with reflective inserts for easy visibility at night.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this particular harness is designed specifically for wolf-shaped breeds like the Alaskan malamute, Siberian husky, and Greenland dogs among others. So, if you own a different breed, you may consider their Perfect-Fit or Adjustable Option.  

4. Non-stop Freemotion Dog Pulling Harness

Another weight pulling harness for dogs that we highly recommend is this Freemotion Pulling Harness due to its unique design, which takes the pressure off your dog’s neck. Whether you plan to use it to pull carts, exercise weights, for bikejoring, scootering, or skijoring, the harness will not limit your pup’s movement. It also comes with adjustable side straps to ensure that it fits perfectly on your dog’s back. The adjustability feature also prevents unnecessary compression of your dog’s respiratory tract, so your dog will remain as comfortable as possible when pulling weight.

5. Canine Equipment Pulling Dog Harness

Canine Equipment Pulling Dog Harness is an excellent harness for weight pulling and everyday dog walking. It has a heavy foam-reinforced chest pad to distribute weight or pulling force evenly across your dog’s body, avoiding putting unnecessary pressure on your pup’s back and throat. The harness also comes with a fleece lining to boost traction and minimize unnecessary shifting while your dog is pulling weight, running, walking, or hiking. Besides, this harness features the adjustable straps and anti-slip sliders, which helps keep it in place during use. Finally, it comes with a safety shackle snap to help you release it quickly from the cart or your joring system in case of an emergency.

6. FrontPet Explorer Pulling Harness for Dogs

The FrontPet Explorer Pulling Harness is another excellent harness for weight pulling. It comes with three pulling D-rings to help you clip a leash or the end of your cart for stress-free pulling. The harness also has adjustable side straps to ensure that the harness fits your dog perfectly, allowing your dog to pull comfortably without feeling a yanking on his neck. Consider measuring your dog before buying the harness to ensure that you choose the right fit. The FrontPet Explorer Pulling Harness is also constructed with thick chest padding to keep make your dog as comfortable as possible during pulling. The material used in the construction of this versatile harness is also durable and feature reinforced stitching to allow it to withstand vigorous pulling. For your dog’s safety, this harness also includes a pull tab, which you can release during an emergency.  

7. Northern Howl Weight Pulling Dog Harness

This is another dog harness that is specifically designed for weight pulling. As you can see, the harness comes in an X-back design to ensure optimum power transfer and distribution across your dog’s body, ensuring that your dog remains as comfortable as possible during his weight pulling sessions. The neck and chest areas are padded with soft and breathable materials that also feature extra stitching to boost the overall durability of the harness. The extra padding on the neck and shoulder region also helps your dog feel comfortable and secure even under increased tensile load. And to ensure that your pup is visible at night, the X-back is fitted with fabric reflectors.

8. Dean and Tyler Weight Pulling Harness

You’ll always find Dean and Tyler harness among dog owners who loves professional competitions of weight pulling, cart pulling, and sledding. It is constructed with durable nylon material to handle big weights. Like other weight pulling harnesses we have reviewed so far, it has an X-back design to allow even distribution of the pulling force on your dog’s whole body, preventing potential back injuries. Although the harness is designed for big weights, it is made of lightweight materials, so even if you don’t participate in professional sledding or weight pulling, you can still use it to grow your dog’s muscles. The dog harness is available in medium and large sizes, allowing you to choose what fits perfectly for your dog.

9. Kurgo Pulling Dog Harness

Like Neewa Sled Pro Dog Pulling harness, Kurgo Pulling Dog Harness is designed for all dog pulling activities you can think of—carting, weight pulling, skatejoring, bikejoring, skijoring, canicross, etc. It is constructed with sturdy materials to cater to any kind of rough use. It is lightweight and fully adjustable to ensure that your dog remains as comfortable as possible during pulling. The leash also features D-rings for attaching it to the cart or joring system and top handle for control. Finally, the harness features reflective trim for extra visibility, especially if you are conducting your training or pulling activities at night.

10. Hurtta X-Sport Dog Pulling Harness

The last entry in our list is this multi-purpose weight pulling dog harness from Hurtta. You can use it for weight pulling training or for various pulling snow sports like dog sledding and skijoring. And during summer, it will still come in handy for cycling, kick biking, and running with your dog. It features Neoprene padding to ensure optimum comfort for your dog. It also comes in an X-back design to focus the pulling pressure at your dog’s whole body, thus optimizing pulling strength and preventing potential back injuries. This harness also has built-in 3M reflectors for visibility at night. Finally, it comes in different sizes to allow you to choose the perfect fit for your pooch.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; 10 of the best weight pulling harnesses for dogs on the market right now. Hopefully, you’ve identified a harness that will make weight pulling endeavor for your pup stress-free. Regardless of the harness brand you choose, always keep your canine friend’s comfort and safety in mind to ensure that weight pulling activity is rewarding for your dog.